A-Z of Motorcycling

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NACIONAL: 1930s Portugal
NALETOFF: 1895-96Russia
NAMAPO: 1901-24 Germany
NARCISSE: 1950-53 France – Narcisse produced a number of lightweight machines up to 125 cc. The two-seater autocycle has an Aubier-Dunne two-stroke engine
NARCLA: 1955-Late 1960’s Spain
NASSETTI: 1951-57 Italy
NASSOVIA: 1925 Germany
NATI: 1930s Russia
NATIONAL: 1904-05 Tasmania, Australia
NATIONAL: 1914 Australia
NATIVE: 1905 Australia
NAUMAN: 1915? Australia
NAZZARO: 1926-28 Italy
NEALL: 1910-14 UK
NEANDER: 1924-29 Germany
NECCHI: 1951-53 Italy
NECO: 1923-27 Czech
NEGAS & RAY: 1925-28 Italy
NEGRINI: 1954- Italy
NELK: 1905 USA
NEMALETTE: 1924-25 Germany
NERA: 1949-50 Germany
NERACAR: 1921-26 America and the UK – American-designed motorcycle, built under licence in England, interesting and unorthodox machine – with an unusual low-built, car-like, frame. Features three-speed transmission, with centre hub steering. Unconventional appearance failed to give it the popularity it deserved. The name is derived from the designer’s name, J Nerachar
NERVOR: 1947-58 France
NESTOR: 1913-14 UK
NESTORIA: 1923-31 Germany
NETTUNIA: 1950-53 Italy
NEVA: 1926-27 France
NEVAL: 19?? Russia
NEVE-ILO: 1924-26 Germany
NEVER STICK UP (NSU?): 1911 South Australia
NEW COMET: 1905-32 UK
NEW ERA: c1908-13 America
NEW HENLEY: 1920-29 UK
NEW HUDSON: 1909-57 UK – Originally makers of bicycles, New Hudson brought out its first motorcycle in 1909 and went on to produce a wide range of models. New Hudson V-twins had many racing successes in the 1920s
NEW KNIGHT: 1923-31 UK
NEW MAP: 1920-Late 1950’s France
NEW MOTORCYCLE: 1925-30 France
NEWMOUNT: 1929-33 UK
NEW RAPID: 1933-36 The Netherlands
NEW RYDER: 1913-22 UK
NEW SCALE: 1909-25 UK
NEWTON: 1915? Australia
NEWTON: 1921-22 UK
NHS: 1923-28 Germany
NICK: 1911 Australia
NICKSON: 1920-24 UK
NIEMAN: 1934-39 Poland
NIESNER: 1905-11 Austria
NILMA: 1913 Australia
NIMBUS: 1920-28, 1934-60 Denmark – Solid machine, with pressed steel frame, ( earlier models were tubular framed). All Nimbus models were fitted with a shaft-drive four cylinder motor
NINON: 1931-35 France
NIS: 1925-26 Germany
NISSAN: 1951-56 Japan
NKF: 1924-25 Germany
NLG: 1905-12 UK
NMC: Early 1950’s-Early 1960’s Japan
NOBLE: 1901-c1906 UK
NOBLE: Prior WW1 Australia
NORBRECK: 1921-24 UK
NORDAP: 1952 Germany (VELMO)
NORDSTERN: 1922-24 Germany
NORICUM: 1903-06 Austria(Czech)
NORMAN: 1937-61 UK
NORTON: 1901- UK – Norton was one of the really great names of the British motorcycle industry. It produced a popular range of sports motorcycles and its racing machines dominated the world’s racing circuits until the early 1960s
NORVED: 1924-25 Germany
NOUGIER: 1930-72 France
NOVA: 1925-28 Hungary
NOVY: Early 1930’s-Early 1960’s Belgium
NSU: 1901-58 Germany – Named after the German town of Neckarsulm where NSU motorcycles were first made, NSU was one of the world’s largest manufacturers of motorcycles during the 1930s. Production declined after World War II and ceased altogether in the late 1950s. The Super Max was one of the company’s greatest successes and the Sportsmax is a superb road racer
NSW:1920 South Australia
NUT: 1912-33 UK
NUX: 1924-25 Germany
NV: 1926- Sweden
NZETA: New Zealand – New Zealand’s attempt to enter the scooter market


O&H: 1912-15 Australia
OASA: 1930-32 Italy
OB: 1904-07 Austria
OBERLE: 1927-29 Germany
OCMA (DEVIL): 1953-57 Italy
OCRA: 1923-25 Germany
OD (Ostner Dresden): 1927-35 Germany
ODA: 1925-26 Germany
ODRA: 1957 Poland
OEC: 1901-54 UK
OFRAN: 1923-25 Germany
OGAR: 1934-50 Czech
OGE: 1921-24 Germany
O’GRADY: 1902 Australia
OGSTON: 1911-13 UK
OHB: 1927-28 Germany
OK (OK-SUPREME): 1899-1939 UK
OKEY: 1910-16 Australia
OKUR: 1922 Germany – see ORUK
OLIVA: 1920-25 Italy
OLIVERIO: 1929-32 Italy
OLIVOS: 1920-21 UK
OLLEARO: 1923-52 Italy
OLMO: 1951-61 Italy
OLYMPIC: 1903-23 UK
OLYMPIQUE: 1922-58 France
OLYMPUS-KING: 1956-60 Japan
OM: 1923-25 Germany
OMA: 1952-55 Italy
OMB: 1933-34 Italy
OMC: 1933-35 Italy
OMC: 1930 UK
OMEA: 1950-53 Italy
OMEGA: 1909 UK
OMEGA: 1919-27 UK
OMEGA: 1960’s Japan
OMER: 1968- Italy
OMN: 1924-25 Italy
OMNIA: 1931-33 Germany
OMT: 1949-53 Italy
ONAWAY: 1904-08 UK
ONOTO: 1922-54 France
OPEL: 1901-30 Germany
OPITZ: 1912 Australia
OPRA: 1927-29 Italy
OR: 1928-31 Italy
ORBIT: 1913-24 UK
OREOL: 1903-WW1 France
ORI: 1923-25 Germany
ORIAL: 1919-26 France
ORIAL (see also Triumph and TWN): 1929-31 Germany
ORIENT: 1900-c1906 America
ORIGAN: 1933-Early 1950’s France
ORIGINAL-KRIEGER: 1925-26 Germany
ORIOL: 1915? Australia
ORION: 1902-33 Czech
ORIONE: 1923-28 Italy
ORIONETTE: 1921-25 Germany
ORIX: 1949-54 Italy
ORLE: 1939 Poland
ORMONDE: 1900-c1906 UK
ÖRNEN: Sweden
ORTLOFF: 1924-26 Germany
ORTONA: 1904-06 UK
ORUK: 1922-24 Germany – 190cc sv, rear wheel mounted, also called Okur
OSA: 1958- Poland
OSA-LIBERTY: 1926-32 France
OSCAR: 1953-55 UK
OSCAR: 1965-82 Italy – Morini or Minarelli engined machines
OSCHA: 1924-25 Germany
OSMOND: 1911-24 UK
OSSA: 1951- Spain
OSTNER DRESDEN (see OD): 1927-35 Germany
OTTEN: 1901-11 Netherlands
OTTO: 1921-37 Germany
OTTOLENGHI: 1928-32 Italy
OVERDALE: 1921-22 UK
OVERSEAS: 1909-15 UK
OZTRIKE: 2000-? Australia