The Portland

Maudes Motor Mart added to its stock with a model of its own: the Portland, powered by a 2¾hp, 269cc Arden two-stroke driving through a two-speed Albion box. It also came with sprung footboards, Saxon forks, a pump and a roll of tools. From 1920 volume of Motor Cycle (29 April)

Portland were motorcycles produced between 1910 and 1913 and again in 1920, and listed by dealers Maude’s Motor Mart of Great Portland Street, London, and Halifax.
1910-1912 A machine was listed with a 4hp JAP engine, belt drive and Druid forks. There was also the option of a Peugeot engine.
1910 Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition – Maudes Motor Mart. Of the machines handled by this firm many are well-known models, for which they are selling agents. These include the Ariel, Enfield, Rex, Motosacoche, A.J.S., Matchless, Hobart Bird. F.N., etc. In addition, they have now introduced a motor-cycle, and also a side car of their own, under the name “Portland.” The motor-cycle of 3.75 H.P., has a. Peugeot or J.A.P. engine to choice, B. and B. carburetter Bosch magneto, Druid spring forks, and tyres to choice. The price is £40 with the Peugeot and £38 with the J.A.P. engine. The side car is fitted with .. in. tyre, Continental or Hutchinson, to choice, and sells at 5 guineas to 7 guineas, the latter being a de luxe model with cane basket work.
1913 Still with belt drive, the machines now had 4hp JAP or 3½ hp and 4¼ hp Precision engines.
1920 They continued to sell their own brand of machine, built by a trade supplier, using components such as 269cc Arden two-stroke engine, Amac carburettor, two-speed Albion gearbox and Saxon forks. These lightweight machines were typical of the period, but a down-turn in trade saw them slip from the market.
Source: Graces Guide


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