Romp and Romper

Romp and Romper were motorcycles produced from 1913 to 1920.

This firm assembled machines using the 3½ hp Precision engine and other bought-in components. Production was small-scale and the motorcycles were probably built to order and sold locally.

After the end of World War I, the name re-appeared for a short time as Romper. This was on a basic two-stroke machine fitted with a 293cc Union engine, direct-belt rear-wheel drive, Saxon spring forks, Amac carburettor and a Runbaken magneto.

The maker’s name and location were never given and it had gone from the market by the end of 1920.

The Motor Cycle 15 January 1920:

“A new lightweight has been placed on the market which is known as the Romper.

It is fitted with a 2¾hp Union two-stroke engine, equipped with an Amac carburetter and Runbaken magneto.”

Info: Courtesy Dave Richmond & Grace’s Guide


Author: muzza