Gonthier, in Liege, built engines for other brands and especially built a 750cc OHV inline four in 1910 for a motorcycle built by Atéliers, known as the  Spring, . In 1914 he built his own 500cc motorcycle, and after WWI built motorcycles under the brand name CITA.

1919 model 750cc Four

The Four-cylinder Gonthier Motor Cycle.

Belgium’s First Post-war Production.

BELGIAN motor cycle manufacturers are making rapid recovery, despite the troublous circumstances which are still extant, and that they are not behindhand in following the trend of modern design is evident from the production of a four-cylinder machine at Liege, the town whose name conjures up gallant memories of the early days of the war, and which, in pre-war days, was the home of another well-known Belgian motor cycle, the F.N. The designer and manufacturer, who has got so quickly to woA, is M. Henri Gonthier, well-known in motor circles in Liege.

The Engine.

The Gonthier engine has four air-cooled cylinders, each a separate casting, and each with a bore of 55 mm. and stroke of 75 mm., giving a total capacity of 748 c.c

The Motor Cycle February 6th, 1919.


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