Accles Ltd, general engineers, makers of cycles and cycle components, motor cars, arms and ammunition, of Holford Works, Perry Barr.

1888 The Gatling Gun Co took over Holdford Mill from the National Arms and Ammunition Co.

1891 Grenfell and Accles Ltd took over the business of the Gatling Gun Co in liquidation.

1896 New company Accles Ltd was set up as a public company to take over the businesses of Grenfell and Accles Ltd and Accles Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Co and operate them as going concerns; J. G. Accles would join the board. The company would exploit the relatively new process of cold drawing with its considerable potential in the booming bicycle industry. A new weldless steel tube shop would be erected by the vendors; the main activities already at the works were cycles and general engineering and ammunition; a new machine shop would be erected; contracts had been entered into for making the Li-mi-num cycle.

1896-98 Produced a motorised bicycle and tricycles for the British Motor Syndicate.

1897 The Fleet Cycle Co was formed and negotiated an agreement with Accles to supply cycle manufacturing equipment to Fleet; eventually it was decided the 2 companies should merge but the agreement had not been signed by the time Accles went into liquidation.

1898 Accles Ltd went into liquidation.


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