Hampton & TDC

Hampton produced motorcycles from 1912 to 1914 in King’s Norton, Worcestershire. In 1912 The company made a single-cylinder model with a 3½ hp Hampton engine, Saxon forks and belt drive. In 1913 They added a 2½ hp model, with either fixed or free gear, or a three-speed hub. In 1914 Machines were fitted with 3½ hp TDC engines.

Hampton on the left with TDC motor, Blackburne on the right: pic supplied by Dave Richmond

TDC or T. D. Cross and Sons was founded in 1870 in Birmingham, producing bicycle components. They expanded into production of roller chain sprockets and gearing.

TDC produced motorcycles between 1914 and 1915. They made machines with 3½ hp own-brand and Precision four-stroke engines. In 1915 they produced a two-stroke with their own design engine. All were sold under the TDC brand name. TDC engines were fitted to the Lily motorcycle, Eyme, Runwell, Hampton, Maxim of Coventry, Wolf, Witall, the Westovian by R. V. Heath, and also the Perfect.

1914 TDC

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