GT500 Electrics – some trouble shooting charts and wiring diagram



PEI Troubleshooting


I’m no expert on electrics, but I get a lot of questions on GT500 electronic ignitions. I’ve found it hard to find anything on GT500 PEI systems. These pages are about the GT250N or X7 PEI. I imagine that they are very similar.

Ignition system – no sparking or poor spark

Charging system – magneto does not charge

Charging system – magneto does charge – but charge below specs

Charging system – battery over charges

Charging system – unstable charging

Ignition system – description

Ignition circuit

Inspection and maintenance – 1

Inspection and maintenance – 2

Inspection and maintenance – 3
Checking and adjusting ignition timing

Checking and adjusting ignition timing – 2
Charging system

Charging system – 2

Charging system 3

GT500 wiring diagram



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