T500 Suzuki racing tips courtesy Allan Greening

T500 Suzuki racing tips courtesy Allan Greening 

1. Don’t grind transfer ports. Just work out how much you want to raise the port and machine that amount off the top of: the barrel and add a spacer under the barrel the same amount. You now find that the exhaust port does not need so much taken out as we have increased its height by the amount you have raised the transfer port in our case 2mm so e.g. only need to take 3mm up on the exhaust port but we do need to grind that extra 2rnm from the inlet but here we grind 2mm from the piston skirt on the inlet side only in fact this means grinding the inlet port to just around the oil hole!!

2. Use conrods from GT750. We also use smaller flywheels. We need to weld one end of crankshaft so we can fit original ignition. system and now we need to take off from top and bottom of the barrel to get our timing. We also need to place in fillers to increase crankcase compression. We weld them in place with Tig.

3. We fit straight cut primary gears, same as TR500 and use c/r gear box ratios but still use wet clutch; but make sure you fit clutch with new rivets

4. We weld the heads to machine in squish band

5. We use T350 rear swinging arm 6. Short tracks we use 34 mm carbies and long tracks 36/38mm carbies

7. Running petrol avgas not dope. Our motor is almost a water cooled TR500 less the water cooling!!

8. Frame is home made space frame made in about 1970 and was running at that time with good results

9. We use XR05 magneto as works bikes did at that time

These details kindly provided by:

Allan Greening

(Note: sad to hear Allan passed away in 2013)



Author: muzza