Muzza’s GT500 Cafe Thoughts

Muzza’s GT500 Cafe Thoughts

I was toying with a T500 cafe racer look….similar to the TT500 Production racer look of the late 60s and early seventies.

Just propped some tanks and seat on a GT500 for a prototype……seat is not mounted properly….needs cutout at the back to allow for the tail-light and the tank is just resting there…..but gives me an idea. I probably will use a T500 for the final cafe rather than a GT500….the instruments are lower on the T500 and I will use clubman bars and a 4 leading shoe front drum.

Also might use chambers or just Crooks racing bafflles on a standard pipe.
Anyhow just toying with the idea right now…and I think the red tank is the go!

I actually like that blue oil tank colour with the red fuel tank and seat.


This alloy tank ended up on the land speed title winning bike eventually in 2016


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