Jughead’s Project bike

My Next Project…………….. by Jughead

This one will be Code Name Trojan………. Don’t Ask Why.It’s what popped into my Mind. Never owning a Sport Bike and Not wanting to Go to 4 Stroke Squid Bikes I’ve Decided to Build my own Almost Modern 2 Stroke from Pieces of Spare Parts that I have Lying Around.This one will Probably take a Little While to Finish.(It took 8 Years to get something Resembling a Finished bike from my 69 T500)

When Finished I’m Hoping to Get something a Little Similar to this.

The Modifications to the Engine will be going on thru out the Summer as time and Money Allows.

So far the Mods are turning out Pretty Good.There is a Lot of work to go but this will give you a General Idea of whats going on.

I’m going to Attempt to Install these Stock Yamaha Banshee Reed Cages into the Intakes.I’ll be Using the 3/4″ Trinity Racing Spacers as the Boxes.This Means I only have to worry about Enough Room to Sink 23MM of the Tip of the Cage into the Cylinder.This itself makes for Another Problem.Getting the Cages Angled to Point Downward to the Intake Port.Hmmmmm OK here we Go.

 Actually I don’t think that the Angle Milling would have been a Big Problem.It just that in Order to Make room the Cylinder Fins Had to be welded up to get a Flat area Big Enough to Gouge out and still have enough Flat Space to Seal the Spacers Against.

OK it doesn’t Look Pretty Right Now.I would have liked to have Gotten Them Tig Welded but the welder said that for this Mig was the way to Go.The one on the Left was the first to be done.The Second? well thats what a Cylinder looks like on 190 Everclear. Still not Bad at all but he Used a little more Wire than I really Liked.I may take the lft one back and have him Fill in the Lower Fin to match it up a Little if it looks a little out of Sorts when I have them Milled.Right now the Reed Boxes won’t be Attached to the Cylinder by Welding.They will be Bolted so that I can play with different Spacing to see If there is any Changes in the Tune Between them.

OK here is the Donor Bike.It’s an 89 GS500 E that Had a Clear Title.I picked up for a really Fair Price off of Ebay.

Well the Intake I’m going to use Finally Arrived.Notice no Balance tube/Boost bottle Spigots.Good they are a waste of space.Especially for what I’m Building.Just one more thing to Leak Air.Right Now I have enough to worry with to keep Air tight.

Now It’s onto worrying with what I’m Going to stick in the Bores.Instead of Playing around with the Baby Size Stock Suzuki Pistons I’ve decided to go all out with a set of Old Wiseco .080 ( 2mm).This will take the Displacement from Possibly the Stock 492cc up to 521cc.  More is Better I guess? That is until the Pistons detonate or Seize and Ruin the Bores.


Author: muzza