Henri Goodman’s T500 Special

Henri Goodman

1971 T500 for your web site. Started as a basket case, and has taken a few years and a lot of money to finish. Rickman fairing and parts from a lot of different bikes purchased from swap meets and salvage yards. Very few new parts were used, with the exception of the motor. From California.

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Looks like a GSX250/GS450 tank fits quite well! Black chrome on the pipes as well, nice touch. 

Parts used in construction:
Suzuki GS450E Gas Tank (Polished to look like
aluminum – no paint)
Suzuki GS450E seat foam cut down w/custom
upholstery on a custom made base.
with a Kawasaki KZ750 Seat Cowling attached
Yamaha XS650 Front Fork Assembly
* Fiberglass Front Fender
Yamaha XS650 19” Front Wheel W/ Duel Disc
Yamaha XS400 16” Rear Wheel W/ Drum Brake
* Tires 100/90X19 Front 130/90X16 Rear
* Aluminum 32T rear Sprocket
* 12 ¾” Rear Shocks
Rickman Fairing came off of a Kawasaki Z1.
I cut the bottom part of the fairing off so you
could see more of the motor.
The exhaust system is ceramic coated
1976 GT500 motor w/P.E.I ignition,
1971 cylinders & heads (Spec II stage II


Author: muzza