Formula 500 -1977 – UK parts bin special

Formula 500 -1977
UK parts bin special

“Pseudo racing bikes can be relied upon to be disappointing. More often than not their glassfibre exterior conceals a plainly unexciting motorcycle, fitted with ill-conceived “goodies” that merely make the bike uncomfortable and difficult to ride. The Suzuki Formula 500 isn’t like that. It fulfills its promise of excitement in full. With a top speed of 110.5 mph, 14 second standing quarter mile, and – on our test bike at least, weird and wonderful handling. this……”

Thanks to Gazza for the copy……I used to have those Italian mags on a Suzi T500, threw them out after they got buckled, softest wheels I have ever ridden on, can’t imagine many have survived the years.


Author: muzza