Chris’s Road Race project

Chris is building a T500 based road racer….here is his story…

This is the ’76 GT500 I started out with. I bought it off Ebay in ’07. It needed a top end rebuild, carb kits, sprockets and chain and some rust removal and shinning to get her road worthy. I road the bike all summer and fall of ’07. Then, I came up with the idea to convert her into a road racer and scrapped my other racer project building a Honda CR750. The CR750 project would have costed me 4-5 times what this build will cost. I sold my CR750 tank, seat, fender and exhaust and that should cover the entire TR500 build.

This is a mid point picture of the minor restoration to get her road worthy in ’07.

These are pictures i took while tearing down the engine for a rebuild.

This is the first time I have rebuilt a bottom end, so i wanted to make sure everything goes back in it’s place.

Frame mod to add support tubing. I used chrome moly tubes which are light and strong.

This was a mock up step in the process trying to get the placement right.

This is a 1/2 inch steel tube used to mount the tank.

I cut notches in the tubing that will allow me to use the stock GT500 tank mounting strap.

I cut and ground off about 5lbs of scrap metal in the form of center stand, side stand, fender mounts, side panel mounts, etc…

These are the mounting tabs for the rearsets I’m making up.

They will have holes drilled for the aluminum mounting plates.

Rear fiberglass fender.

I used foam from a hobby shop and shaped it until i had the right shape.

Then, I covered it and the frame with blue painters tape, cut the fiberglass and added the epoxy.

Rear view shows the fender out of the mold and mounted.

I have also made up the front seat mount made out of aluminum flat bar, bent and bolted into the existing frame mounts (I think originally used for the seat grab handle).

I had to grind douwn the inside of the two mounts and tap out the hole from the inside of the frame.

The original holes were tapped from the outside of the frame where the grab bar bolts mounted.

Side view with the tank, seat and fairing. I’m in the process of figuring out how to mount the fairing in the right place.

This was not an easy job!!

Front fairing mount. I used a fairing mounting system from Meadspeed in the UK. I had originally purchased it for a CR750 race bike I was building up, but decided to switch to this build instead. The mounts ended up working perfect on this build with only a few minor modifications.

Here is the beginning of my rear sets being mounted to the frame.

The mounting plates are rough cut and will have some shapping and buffing once I get the fit right. I had to make them pretty long to accomodate my long legs and to get into a nice racing position. Getting the right position has taken several tries, but I think I finally have it.

Front end showing the new wheel from east coast wheels mounted to my stock GT500 hub and tire from RC Barker.

jemco chambers


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