Dunstall Suzuki T500


A Dunstall Suzuki T500 from South Africa
by Philip de Gruchy



Thought you might like to see my Dunstall Cafe Racer , it used to be my classic race bike , which I raced for about 5 years in South Africa but it became uncompetative . I bought this bike and 3 others as basket cases in 1985, the bikes had been lying in an open compound at a Military base for 10 years or so , where they were used as despatch riders bikes, and came complete with side panniers. 

All three bikes went classic racing eventually, and ran in the senior class with 750 sohc Honda Fours , but some rules got bent and eventually we were up against 1000cc 4 cylinder bikes, so I ended up collecting more X rays than Trophies so thought it was time to call it a day ! Bike is very quick having  TR500 Barrels , heads , pipes etc , fitted Modern Mikuni race carbs and Bransden Ignition . some essential mods were done to clutch , extra plates . heavier springs etc and longer thrust arm inside casing for fingerlight operation , also bored engine casings to accept GT750 Rubber engine mounts which works a treat , engine wobbles at tickover , but no numbness from waist down after 10 laps.

Neighbours are not impressed when I fire her up , but it’s like music to my ears with those expansion boxes ..

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Philip de Gruchy – Johannesburg   South Africa



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