TR500 Suzuki racing motorcycle – Steve Roberts Frame

TR500 Suzuki racing motorcycle – Steve Roberts Frame

Hello, I have a TR500 with a Steve Roberts frame that I got from Geoff Perry in 1972. I was able to get some parts out the back door at Suzuki when they got the TR750’s and sent the 500 parts to the crusher. I’ve been racing in AHRMA with it for about 4 yrs, after a 30-some year hiatus from bikes. I have one of the factory close ratio gearsets in it. Took it to Daytona this year and won the Formula 500 race. That was particularly satisfying because the number 1 plate is held by a guy with an H1R. The Suzuki had top speed on him, it was great. However, I pulled it apart for another problem and found that I’d lost a tooth on the 2nd gear on the driven shaft. All the gears are looking a little ragged. Are close ratio gearsets available anywhere? My 4th and 5th are the same as stock, just 1st 2nd and 3rd are close. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I’ll attach a couple of photos from last year. Thanks, Ralph Hudson




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