Robin McKenzie’s Suzuki TR500 

Robin McKenzie’s Suzuki TR500 

Back in 1980, while living in Christchurch NZ I found a TR500 in a guys shed, back in the good old days when old race bikes were worth nothing. Anyway I bought this old TR500, for the princely sum of $500 I think it was, got it going and raced it for a year. The bike was one of the 3 that Colemans did, using a Works sandcast motor, Ceriani suspension and Fontana brakes and a NZ made frame, by Steve Roberts I think. I was told that my one was the one that Geoff Perry rode and was the one that set a NZ speed record in 1970 of 155mph, but the name of the rider eludes me now, possibly Dennis Ireland??

Anyway I have attached a photo of the beast as I raced it, basicly stock apart from the TZ seat, and under the tail section was a battery, as I fitted T500 points ignition running total loss, as the CDI units were not working when I bought the bike. I do not know where the bike is now.

Thanks Robin…wish I could find one in that nick for 500 bucks! The Coleman frames were used by Suzi in their works bikes as they were better than the factory frames.


Author: muzza