Wayne’s Challenge

Wayne’s Challenge

I got the Titan inside today and had a looksee, hoping to fire it. The oil lines are trashed, the feed from the tank was gooped together. Got any good homemade fittings for it?

Heap with heaps of potential

I am seriously thinking I’m going to put the engine in an RD350 frame. I have one w/no motor but a nice looker! Maybe Triton maybe Fritan 🙂
That would leave me with;  YDS7, RD400, CB450, CB750(895cc) W/sidecar, and the “Fritan T500” as keepers.

Donor Yammahaha

I made 5 trips today for parts and tools trying to start the ole T500. (I woke up this morning to a clock that said 8PM, Oops, took the day off) This thing sounds impressive just kicking it over, pretty beefy almost violent compression. I broke another oil line Banjo and gave up for the day 🙁  
I got fire to the plugs, but one of the enrichers is frozeup (down). Before it’s over, I’m sure I’ll have dents on my left leg to match the ones on my right. 

 I hung on a photo of my favorite drink. The wife won’t even bring it for me, she says “You turn into Rasputin when you drink that s..t, you’re an asshole” It comes in a 4pack, just as well, it’s packs a punch, 8.9%. Sweet and heavy just the way I like my women. Mean stuff, much more scary than the Dead Guy Ale. Some times I cut it, half and half, with Fosters Bitter just so I can retain my memory of last night 😉

Enjoy your poison, Wayne….cheers Muzz


Postscript:  Regarding the photo “Wayne’s Challenge and Preferred Ale” on your
site’s photo page, the bike pictured now belongs to me, I’m rebuilding
it into a T500 racer.

Desmocat (Ralph Spencer)
Livermore, CA, USA


Must’ve got to be too much for Wayne, understandable.


Author: muzza