Sam Peterson’s T500 Mk-III

Sam Peterson’s T500 Mk-III

“I bought it in about 98 and it was a complete basket case.  I think it had been around Australia 5 times, the electrics had caught fire and then it was left out in the weather for a couple of years before I bought it.  The parts were either very worn, crispy black or rusty brown – often all three.  But it was a T500 and  a MkIII at that so I just had to have it!  I was lucky enough to make contact with someone who was restoring a Cobra and who had to move house.  After a little haggling, I got his spares (more or less a whole machine – thanks Andrew!) which saved the day. I’m still chasing the tank rack, the front mudguard stays, and a few other bits.  One day I’ll restore it to original but for now it’s just a blast to ride one again.

Sam Peterson
Brisbane Qld”

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