Noël Soudant – Netherlands

 Noël Soudant – Netherlands

Noël Soudant’s racing T500, excellent looking bike

Tech stuff

year: 1970

weight: 128 kg

power: about 70 bhp

top speed: about 235 kph (145 mph)

frame: home made by Erik Kerkhof and myself

ignition: PVL magneto

Tank and seat: custom tank and design

ceriani frontfork

grimeca 4 leading shoe drum brake

fairing: TGA TR3 fairing

tyres front: heidenau

        rear : Dunlop KR124A

I live in the Netherlands

I started racing in 2002, just 2 meetings in Belgium: Chimay and Jehonville. It was not a big success, lots of bugs, just finished in 1 of the 4 races all the rest I retired with engine trouble (seizures).

But in 2003 I entered in the same meetings and I finished in 3 out of the 4 races. A big step forward. and in the last 2 races (this was the meeting in Jehonville Belgium) I finished 2nd in the first race and 1st in the second race.

Not bad for someone who had never seen a racetrack before that.

Noël Soudant

The Netherlands.

Noel has sold this machine and moved on to a Nicco Bakker TZ350G


Author: muzza