Sukidookie T500 based racer…..

Sukidookie has supplied some pics of his great T500 based racer…..

Here are some pictures and info on my bike.

Here’s my story:

I picked the bike up for free from someone that just had it rusting away in the backyard. They actually had it next to the fence so the dogs could stand on it to look over. I started by taking the bike apart and modifying things.

Frame- chopped the rear of the frame and relocated the shock mounts, shortened the swing-arm and added gussets, added extra frame tubes for bracing, remove unwanted brackets and stands. Tank and rear cowl- I made them from 3003 aluminum and fit them to the frame, lots if work. Paint was handled by a friend of mine (pete “hot Dog” finlan) who paints for West Coast Choppers. Thanks Pete.

Chambers, Silencers and rear sets- I made them all with my own hands, rolling cones is a bitch and I think I will just buy the cones next time. rear sets were designed in Cad and the cut out on the water jet at Boyd Coddington Hot Rods (my current employer). Other things include clip-ons, number plates and all brackets that I made for the bike.

I plan to finish the bike by April 2008 and take it out to race at willow springs with AHRMA I have never raced before so it’s an exciting time for me.

All The Best, Robert Taylor


Author: muzza