Riding Styles

Riding Styles
Zooke pic and knees-out

Posted by Muzza on March 7, 2003, 8:23 pm


more than thirty years between the 2 pics!

I of course was taught the Hailwood riding style, ie knees in, elbows in, bum shut and mouth open.

As to getting the bike over, even in those days, with crummy tyres we would scrape the pegs down.

Yes the Muzzapic is mirrored to get the direction to match Zookes pic and the number plate had
come loose as it was well into a 3 Hour production race. The engine was filthy as the bike went
straight into the race after getting back from a trans-continental ride over the Nullarbor (which
was unsealed in those days). I have pics of the bike leaning over the other way with Nullarbor
red dust and mud under the motor. Don’t suppose it would get through scrutineering these days,
but in those days we rode to the track, took off the centre stand and indicators and raced and
then rode home again. Talk about youthful confidence!

Eric wrote: When Frank Melling came over and rode for Sundial Suzuki I coined that Old World
riding style “Velcro”. It’s like your knees are velcroed to the tank. I myself do not feel confident
riding like that and need my knee on the tarmac as well as my toe slider and knee combination
to let me know how close my pipe is to the tarmac.

         Posted by Zook-e on March 7, 2003, 9:08 pm


Windsock and other digressions!

Posted by Muzza on March 7, 2003, 9:38 pm

Yep, the more modern style looks like a “windsock” to me but then you sure look like
you are going gangbusters there on the old “67! Course you are a lot more lanky
than this UFOB!

I remember when it became fashionable to hang the knees out but then we didn’t
have knee scrapers, padding of any kind on arms, elbows or knees and no back
protectors. The old helmets were like egg shells as well. I think it was Jarno
Saarinen that got us all hanging the knee out.

Of course the theory for us old “Hailwoods” is that you stick the leg out whilst
braking to help slow down but pull it in before the apex. So leaning left, stick
the left leg out, turning right, stick the right leg out. Sort of like an air brake.
On long straights with a 90 degree bend coming up of curse you sit up and act
as a windsock to help slow down. Using brakes helps as well but in those days
the old T500 brake was next to useless after a few laps.

After watching On Any Sunday I remember it became fashionable on long
straights to lay on the tank, hold on with one hand on the throttle and hang
on to the fork leg with the other hand….the officials banned that after a while,
but it felt like we were going faster!

the hair was a bit long then…..fashion I’m afraid…here is a pic after the race…..
bit thinner than I am today I must say…..and the number plate has decided to
come right off…bit of muck on the engine after 3 hours…I think I am stuffed as well!!!

Peg down, knees in and what speed is that on the clock! Over 80mph!


Author: muzza