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Pascal Benoot

Pictures of a race in Jehonville (Belgium). Now I am busy to building  new cylinder heads with special combustion chambers, new pipes, and a larger fuel tank with seat of polyester. I have also mounted a new fork with double disk brakes.

Pascal Benoot lives in Belgium

June 2000

Suzuki Snapshots
Pascal Benoot – Suzi T500 racebike Pascal has just been to Perth, Western Australia, from his hometown in Belgium and likes it so much he is coming back for another holiday along our spectacular West Coast. Shame we did not meet.

In the meantime he is building his new T500 racebike and has shared the following pics with us….
“it was a unfogettable holiday in Australia and we come back in 2004 to do the West Coast. Now I
be very busy to make a new t500 race bike. My old bike go very hard for the last race. I buy the
Swarbrick pipes and I made the cylinder heads with the special combustion chambers ( I made 5 pair
so I have some for sale). The big problem with the bike was that the frame is complete standard.
First I cut my swingarm by 7.5 cm and make a bridge (see picture).  I have made also my own fuel tank
and seat in fiberglass (see picture) – now I am busy to reform my T frame to a “TR” frame as good as
possible ( see picture).”

Shortened and strengthened swingarm

Braced T500 frame

Fibreglass seat and tank under development

Pascal and friend’s son feeding man-eating parrot in the Western Australian bush

Pascal’s wife with Central Perth in the background

Muzza – 2001

I worked 5 months to make the bike ready. These are the thing I’ve done and changed about the original T500 bike.

– shortning the wheel base from 1.52 meter to 1.37 meter so the bike is 15 cm shorter.
– bring the front fork angle from 25° to 23°.
– build my own tank and seat in fibreglass.
– reinforce the frame.
– mount 18 inches aluminium rims on the front and rear wheel .
– mount a GT 750 fork with double disk brakes.
– assemble a transistor ignition which works with the(old) contact points.
– assemble my own tachometer.with LEDs
– make my own heads
– mount and assemble the Swarbrick pipes.
– mount a M-Toby steering damper

I have driven two times at the circuit with this new bike and i can tell that the concept
is very good. The frame is very strong.also in the curves. The next step is tuning a
engine to +/- 65 hp.

The engine I tuned past year is a total loss at the moment so now i have an original
engine in the bike with my own heads.

Pascal Benoot

Pascal’s bike has come a long way and he is rightly proud of his efforts.


Pascal has been busy building a completely new T500 racebike, and achieving good
performance from it as well…first some shots of the old bike in action…..

and now the new bike….

and the new bike under construction…..


Author: muzza