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Muzza’s T500 Retro Archive

Some old shots of Muzza’s T500 moments

Don’t know what was going on here, I know it looks like a genuine Suzi ad from the 70s but it is purely coincidental, really we were just ordinary really cool guys trying to stay out of the Army. Me mate Carl on his red T500J and me and me flame on my green T500J.

Out bush, near Lancelin, North of perth, 2 brand new T500sJ. The jerk on the right will remain nameless. Me mate Carl is in the open-face. Must be summer 73, ie Jan-Feb in Oz time. I just loved those flat bars.

Cool dude with his flame painted Mach III Kawasaki – boy did I feel inadequate on my Suzi T500, and his chick was cute too! Chopper seat, raised bars, freaky lights and dropped tail-light, so cool.

Brand new T500J – hey I can be cool too, even if my leather jacket is from an opportunity shop and the zip is broken.

Fill her up, mate!

Well, 2 T500s makes 4 pots vs your puny 3, mate! Carl, wishes I’d stop trying to big note meself.

Long hair, flares and long legs, no not the bikes, the chicks!

Carl didn’t like the chrome side-panels so he replaced them with the T500R side plate. Still kept those bloody cow-horns though!

Carl’s red T500J

Ready to roll – Honda 500 Four, Kawasaki 500 Mach III, T500Js and a TS400.

Peace man! Hey, was that the first full-face helmet in Perth? I noticed that the lining was red and didn’t show the blood when the egg-shell thin helmet broke open on impact.

No-one would believe it now but this road seen in 1973 is now the main drag to Mandurah, a bustling seaside city, a wide-open divided 4 lane highway.

So you got 4 pots, a cool exhaust note, can grow a beard and a chick on the back, think you are good or something? Me jealous, nah! Not half!

Bikie terror on the loose, Hey Charger! Mandurah Road, early 1973

A policeman mate gave me an old cop wind-shield. Cool for touring except the old 500 found it a lot to push and the wind blast at speed was a bit much, and on cold nights the screen fogged up!

The old girl……

Hmmm, sandshoes, t-shirt and no gloves…….risky Muzza!

Me mate, Carl

All kitted out for touring, it rained for 250 miles and we near froze to death, mid-winter 73.

Hmmm, those egg-shell full-faces helmets sure looked cool!


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