Graham Moorehead Racing NZ

Graham Moorhead’s Suzuki T500 from New Zealand by Glen Morgan

I went to the Paeroa Street Races about a month ago. Bloody spectacular. It’s a round of the NZ Battle of the Streets so the top riders were all there: Tony Rees, Shaun Harris, Brian Bernard, Craig Shirrifs et al. I used to do a bit of street racing in the South Island, but this was a step up and a bit – with Formula Extreme and Superbikes whistling up the main street of a country shopping centre, doing the best part of 300ks, about two meters from the crowd. 

Anyhow, I went to meet up with Graham Moorhead and have a look at his T500 race bike. He’s still sorting it, but it was showing plenty of speed, and he’s one of those riders who goes fast without fuss.  I took a couple of pictures in the pits but didn’t get any good moving shots. You are too damn close to the action at Paeroa – too close for my reaction time with a camera anyhow!

I asked Graham if it was OK to forward the pics of him and his bike to you, and he said that was fine as he hadn’t sent you any yet. Graham is the guy standing with the bike, and a very tidy one it is too.


Author: muzza