Gareth’s Sprint bike project


Gazza’s Project

Gareth Ace (better known as Gaz) has started on his T500 race project in his back shed in Colchester.
As he still scouring the country for parts, it is a good bet that his wife probably doesn’t know about this yet.

An endless supply of bits

A pretty wild set of pipes here. Look like they may be peaky.

Gaz sharing with us some pics of his Sprint project bike.

Just thought I would send you a couple of photos of the other sprint bike I am going to run next year!   I think maybe, probably, hopefully I have sorted out the dosh for the other two bikes, but I thought, why be a racer when you can be a team manager/racer, so I have offered my mates a chance to sprint next year with me.  Yeah they have to fork out to the National Sprint Assoc but thats only £50, cheap racing mate, even though its normally only in a straight line LOL.  But I get the chance to be first at the auto jumbles!!!!  Ignore the seat as I have ordered a rep Honda CR93 seat, yeah I know its not Suzy but they do look nice and for £50 covered in any colour u want!  £20 extra for suede.  They are in glass though not super dooper ally!  Still you will get the general drift.



Author: muzza