Erik Kerkhoff – Racing

Pictures from Holland
by Sakia van den Ham



The rider is Eric Kerkhof, my neighbour from Holland. Last year he won the championship for classic street races in Belgium. The bike on the picture is a Suzuki TR500 Replica from 1970 with 60 PK. (or is it HP for you?)

Eric Kerkhoff

“Hereby a picture of a Suzuki TR500 ridden by Erik Kerkhoff from Holland, who really races this converted T500 in Classic races in Belgium , France, Germany and Holland. He scored a 2nd place in Chimay 2001 ( Belgium) a real road track , behind the snake Bill Swallow and scored a victory in another race in Belgium. The bike has a converted standard frame, Ceriani 35 mm forks, front brake:I’m not sure ,either a Ceriani or Oldani or converted standard Grimeca with self-made anchor plates. The fuel tank , dry clutch and exhaust pipes are really home-made ! Carburettors are Mikuni VM38 with Powerjet from a TZ350F/G. Ignition is converted PVL .Barrels , pistons and gear box are little changed for racing purpose. He raced it also in the international classic meetings, we organise in France and Germany.

With regards…..Guus ten Tije “

Bike looks great with the mock Suzuki factory paint job from the 60s on the frame and tank. Exhaust pipes also look long and lean and not too wild. Nice job indeed.

Dry clutch modification is pretty neat.

Thanks for sharing the info and pics with us Guuss. Guus is from the Netherlands.

There are some picture´s of me and my bike on this site. ( sent to you by some others! )
I learned some about computers now so I can send you some updated pictures myself .

First picture is made just before I crashed my bike, like it was until 2002 ( pict. croix 2002 ).
I had to restore the bike but decide to make a new frame instead of use the modified standard frame.
I made a exact copy of the original TR frame including a new alloy tank.( pictures suzuki tr500 )
( got the old damaged seat on it but going to make a new one when I have some more time !! )
only raced Chimay ( belgium) in 2003 . 1st race didn´t finish, piston broke last round in 2nd place,
put in a new piston and finished 2nd the next race.( pict. chimay 2003 ), mayby 75 hp on the wheel is too much for the original suzuki pistons !! ( pict. piston ) – this is it – maybe you can make something nice out of this.

Regards, Erik Kerkhoff Netherlands – 2001


Author: muzza