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Suzuki T500 Owner’s Gallery

Like minded 500 Suzuki fans share pictures of their bikes. Where the owner is not named could you please contact me and I’ll place your name and any details you’d like on the webpage.

Don Planalp’s immaculate 1973 T500K – (USA)

A beautiful custom 500 which sadly was stolen soon after completion. Eric
A nice looking T500III

Giampiero Vassalli is from Atina in Italy and he is just starting to restore his Titan

Hello Murray,
Firstly, great 500 site, between your site and Erics, you really do our chosen bike proud, loads of useful information and contacts, just goes to show how popular the 500 still is around the world. I ‘ve sent you a couple of photo’s of my bikes for you to maybe post on the readers wivesxx…. er I mean readers writes, (wrong site !!) section. First one is my 1977 GT500 A. Restored by me from scrap, I know its history from new, so I’ve sort of got a soft spot for this one, just completed  rebuild with reconned crank, already had rebore and new 4th and fifth gears, so hopefully it will stay in one piece for a good few years to come. Second is my ‘rat’ bike, used for going to work on in the winter and when it rains (frequently !), its made up mainly of bits left over from donor bikes , used in the restoration of the other 500. GT380 tank, GS shox, unknown seat, 2 into 1 and ram jet filters, sounds evil !!

Trevor Marsh

Here is my bike. I am racing it in Colorado in the brand new Vintage Class of
MRA. Still working on it to make it faster and better in handling. Andi Seiler – May 2000

Maurizio from Switzerland

1971 T500R – Maurizio ( Switzerland )

Maurizio’s favourite stretch of road, where the T500 really shines! – Swiss Alps Grimsel Pass 2,450m

Clive Wadsworth’s 1975 T500M

I thought you might like a picture of my newly restored 1975 T500M.  I acquired the bike last year as a basket case which it had been for 19 years! It was taken off the road in 1980 for frame refurbishment. It survived 4 house moves and a brief swap for a basket case T10 almost 100% complete although many parts proved to be unusable or unserviceable. The bike was rebuilt using as many of the original parts as possible except for the engine which was rebuilt using mainly new parts. Best regards, Clive Wadsworth,  Marston, York,  United Kingdom.

More pics of a T500M…..


Phil Cantwell sent the following pics of his project bike and his mate’s bike:

The red bike belongs to me and the unpainted one belongs to my mate, Adam. The bodywork for both comes from Moto Tumbi, aka Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass.  The red tank is a Norton replica I think and the white one is a Ducati replica.  It was a simpler fit onto the frame as it has anti vibration mounts fitted on the underside of the tank.  Both seats are the same and are TR replicas.

The exhausts come from Andersen Engineering in Ringwood, Melbourne.  He does a lot of work on T500’s including a complete new frame and swingarm.  The footpesgs on both bikes are Honda items where the levers pivot on the footpeg mount.  I like this system as I think its easy to mount and the position of the lever relative to your foot doesn’t change as it rotates. Neither bike has run for many years and both required a full rebuild.  It remains to be seen how they perform.

Phil Cantwell.

Paul Crowhurst from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia is restoring his 1971 T500R, using some GT500 components

Dale Fancey from Whitby in Canada sent us this pic of his 1973 T500K special

Maurizio shared this strange picture with us of Dracula misusing a Suzuki T500R

Tristan Newsome

Chris Newsome

I have been keeping tabs on your website and am very impressed, you have done a top job! Please add myself Chris Newsome and my son Tristan to your list. attachedare a couple of photo’s, one of me no 33 which was taken at Mac Park in South Australia and the other of my son Tristan on 501 also taken at Mac Park, as you can see Tristan’s riding style is slightly more flamboyant than mine! We hail out of Adelaide and try to get in as many races as we can,  at this stage that is not many as racing in SA is going through a flat spot. As well as the two racing Titans I have a road going Titan and a number of dismantled machines. The garage also has a Suzuki Katana, Kawasaki GTR1000, AJS 16MS and various other bits and pieces stuffed in it. We recently went over to Philip Island, for the Island Classic, not racing unfortunatly (supporting a mate of mine with an AJS 7R) and was pleased to see a good field of Titans out on the track. Next year I am definitely heading over there with the bike as the track is awesome! As you can see on the pics both of the bikes are unfaired, what I would like to do is make them look a little more like the TR. All the best,

Chris Newsome

Feb 2001

Tristan at MacPhillamy Park, Mount Gambier, South Australia


B. Marshall’s T500

This is a picture off my original K model , I also have a J in restoration.  Greetings Jack from Holland

I’ve just moved house and got a workshop setup. I’ll have time to get my GT500 sorted.
Best Regards Sammy Purdon, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim. N. Ireland. UK


There are 3 piccies the 2 of the Lowrider T500 – details as follow GT550 f/end,

XS750 p/tank, combined batt box/oil tank, short shocks on cut down frame, ruddy hard seat!

Fun to ride but not very far.

Other T500 standard except colour. These pics are 8 yrs old, the std T unfortunately was

stored in mates garage which the roof collapsed, 3 yrs later when I went to get it Mr Rust

and his corrosive pals had had a field day eating the poor old thing, it now sits in corner

of w/shop in bits. The Lo T500 is now in project mode as Street Scrambler/Flat Tracker

sort of style after being in its former guise for the last 8 years. Hope they are of some

interest. Thanx also for webbie tips, talk to you soon. Gareth.

Pics by Jos Pot: Netherlands – 1977 – Harmelen near Utrecht

Vic Dreessen‘s Stable

My name is Vic Dreessen and I’m living in the Netherlands. I own a lot of Suzuki 2 strokes
(GT750J (2x) GT750 A(2x) – GT750 Patroller -T500 Cobra (2x) -Rg500-T200-T20-T350-II –
RE5M -etc.)

Troll’s T500 with drop bars – neat

TS 250… this is what i owned before graduating to the GT500. It is a 74 TS250 which is exactly
1/2 a 500

Matthew Morling, Perth Western Australia

Aldo Martinenghi is in Switzerland and shares his machines with us.

1968 T500 Cobra

1971 T500R

1972 T500J

1967 T20



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