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Martin Hone -

Trease-Harley Classic Racer

theo.jpg (5038 bytes)

Theo's Pit Bay
A miscellany of classic machines

gazzas.jpg (4124 bytes) Gazza's Pit Bay from Crofts
Alle Hamstra's Pit Bay -
Geert Cuperus race replica
glenn.jpg (7641 bytes) Glen's Pit Bay

A collection of New Zealand racing machines
Argentine Image Gallery

Racing in Argentina - Hondas, Rumi, Norton, HRD, Capriolo, Ducati plus

Georges' Pit Bay

A selection of classic machines and riders

TNGilera49.jpg (3462 bytes) Gilera GP Bikes
TNHonda67.jpg (4825 bytes) Honda GP Bikes
TNMV Agusta75.jpg (3839 bytes)
MV Agusta GP Bikes
TNMoto Guzzi50.jpg (3827 bytes) Moto Guzzi GP Bikes
TNYamaha73.jpg (4381 bytes) Yamaha GP Bikes
TNKawasaki82.jpg (3920 bytes) Kawasaki GP Bikes
TNNorton51.jpg (4810 bytes) Norton GP Bikes
TNSuzuki76.jpg (4114 bytes) Suzuki GP Bikes
Sterzi 50cc Sports
Fath 500

The Suzuki 500 Jada
The CR750 Honda Daytona Kit Bike
The Foale Suzuki
The Suzuki TR500

The Widowmaker - the Kawasaki H1R
The Kawasaki H2R/KR750 Green Meanies
1924 Moto Guzzi 4 Valve Racer
The Magni Guzzi Australia
The Suzuki TR750 Flexi-flier
  The Parilla 250
The Shuttleworth Speed Demon


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