Early Fremantle


This first image, despite the natural inclination (I think) to believe we are looking towards the east, is actually looking more south-west. The cameraman, my great grandfather A.T. Beste, is standing in Stevens St, looking across the junction of Hampton Rd in South Fremantle. In front of the building on the rise at left of centre, is a small figure in white, my grandmother. Behind her, the right-hand half of the stone-walled duplex building is the house the family lived in after they migrated from Germany in 1905 (arriving on the “Seydlitz” on April 6th I think). I believe it might have belonged to one of his mother’s brothers, John or Walter Bateman of J&W Bateman. Down the nearside of the house at the left is a laneway which was used to access Hampton Rd. The second photo shows a horse-drawn passenger wagon at the Hampton Rd entrance to that lane. The little girl at left on the wagon is my grandmother. Her mother, my great grandmother Helena Beste, is standing on the road at right, and Nan’s younger brother is at far right of the children. All part of the family story.

Castlemaine Brewery East Fremantle