Family Snaps:


My great grandfather, photographer A.T. Beste, was fond of turning his studio-quality cameras on his children and grandchildren, and a large number of images have survived the past 100 years to end up in my collection, stored and in the process of being digitised on behalf of the family. My grandmother frequently lamented the fact that he would freely take photos of her and her brothers in the backyard, “even when we were not properly dressed up for photographs”. These two images have always been favourites of mine and of my siblings, as they illustrate the whimsical and cheeky nature of our mother at the age of about 10. In adult life, she wasn’t as relaxed in front of the camera, and we are fortunate to have these to see her underlying nature showing forth. For years we saw them in b&w, but I have colourised them and found a new glow in them.