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One of the
Top 100 motorcycles of the 20th Century

The Suzuki 500 is a solidly reliable two-stroke 500 twin that set new standards for performance. A popular touring machine, it could out-perform many larger capacity machines and responded well to minor tuning.  Inexpensive, low maintenance, low-revving, fast and economical the T500 set new standards for a big two stroke.  In its racing guise the T500 become the closest machine to a road bike to win a Grand Prix in the modern era.



Lots of info and pics on a variety of Suzuki 2 strokes - GT380, GT550, RG500, T350, T250 and TS etc

The SUZUKI GT750 and TR750

The 500 Suzuki's big sister

The 500 's little sister plus some TR750s and racing 500s



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Go Muzza!

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