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Patrick Peters T500 restoration

Hi there muzza. (pardon me for my bad English but I am Dutch) Like I promised iI would send you some pictures of my T500. I used lot's of your info and still am. (Thanks for that man). I got the T from friends when my former bike was stolen and I did not have money to buy an other one. I still don't know whether to thank them or.....haha

It was in a pitiful state as you can see, but if you take a good look its not a wreck. ( what do you think of those handlebars they snapped right off! and they say the breaks are bad, this must have been quite a "stoppie" haha) its  a 1973 frame and a 1976 engine, there where no papers, so I had to get it examined and tested by the government. The plan was to fix this into a riding motorcycle again, (not fully restore it, it had to be functional) and take it to the Isle of Man TT races with two brothers of mine who also ride motorcycles. I did it in a couple of months and in haste because we already had tickets for the IOM ferry. It seemed not a difficult bike to work on, and altogether it was done in 4 months time.

I think this is the bike to travel with when going to the I.O.M. TT. The manxmen loved it!! You see hundreds of Ducatis , MV's and other expensive new stuff by the dozen in the TT week, but a T500 is really rare, but not unknown as it seemed!

The bike was a dream to ride while altogether we did over 2000 km.  Riding on the Isle of Man is really..... sporty.... they have no speed limits... you can legally chase Germans on new CBRZZRGSX 600's on the mountain circuit (and sometimes not unsuccessfully ha).

iI you love biking you should see this I.O.M. TT bike week once in your life.

Sidecover off an old T20 or something?

Patrick Peters


Thanks Patrick, the old girl looks good. Great pic.




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