The Winha

Winha specifications:
Engine: Maker: Kohler
Model: K340 2AX
2-cyl., lubrication with mixed oil, blower cooling system
Power: 30 hp (22 kW)/7000 r/min
Transmission: automatic
Electric system: magneto 12V/100W
Front suspension: telescope, Ceriani
Rear suspension: swing arm, Girling

Length: 2450 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Seat high: 820 mm
Ground clearence: 270
Dry weight: 114 kg

Fuel tank: 12,5 L

Manufacturer: Polar Metal Plast, Rovaniemi, Finland

Price: 6000 FIM (tax free price at 1977)

The engine was in a few minutes switchable to Winha’s snowmobile. Finnish army tested Winha’s as above. They tested Winhas both in summer and winter conditions.

thanks to : Kake Heikkinen for the pictures and the information

Year of make: 1977 Ever made: about 70 bikes Users: finnish army, frontier guards and reindeer herders Engine: Kohler K 340 2AX (canadian) 338 cc Bore: 68 mm, Stroke: 60 mm 2% mixed oil lubrication Hand starter Carburator: Walbro WD38 Air cleaner: Fram paper-filter Sparkplug: Champion N2 or Bosch W 260 T2 Rear suspension: Girling (but later Marzocchi) Wheels: KTM, front 21" x 3, rear 18" x 4 Length: 245 cm, seat high: 82 cm, ground clearence: 27 cm Dry weight: 114 kg Frame: designed and made in Finland but was a copy of KTM frame Rise capability: 45 degrees Fuel tank: 12,5 l (also 18 l available) Color: black/yellow Topspeed: 130 km/h Designers: Jussi Tiitola and Jussi Tapio

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