Top 100 motorcycles of the 20th Century

The Wilkinson

Wilkinson Sword Company's first machine was a loop framed machine with an Antoine engine and belt drive. Built from 1903-05. From 1908-14 the Company built a radical new bike designed by PG Tacchi. The Wilkinson TAC (Touring Auto Cycle) was driven by a 676cc air-cooled 4 cylinder engine. Later models were water-cooled rode to 848cc and finally to 996cc. Production of the machine transferred to the Ogsten Company for 2 years when Wilkinson shifted its attention to arms manufacture in 1914.

The 1914 Wilkinson

Above photo courtesy of Steve Rackley's Bike Sheds

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The top 100 motorcycles

Murray Barnard, Perth, Western Australia

1996 mbarnard