Australian Vincent based V-Twin

History of RTV Motorcycles.

Terry Prince had being producing his own TPV motorcycles for several years with reasonable success, his bikes had his own frame and used modified Vincent engines. Terry also ran a successful motorcycle parts and restoration business with a strong Vincent flavour.

Rodney Brown had owned Vincent motorcycles for many years and through out that time had been a customer of Terry. Both Rodney and Terry independently made parts for motorcycles with a dream of one day making a brand of their own. Rodney had foundry knowledge whilst Terry was a leading guru of all things Vincent.

Ron Slender meet Terry and convinced him that a company could be formed to produce a modern Vincent on a much larger scale than Terry was presently doing. A partner ship was formed in 1996 between Ron, Rodney and Terry. The company was called RTV, which reflected the people's names involved, RRTV was considered but it was felt RTV sounded right. The V refleted the motorbikes pedigree.

As both Rodney and Terry were in full time employment Ron Slender took over the commercial and marketing roles. The partnership did not last long. Financial concerns and marketing disagreements proved too much. Terry resigned in early 1998 due to emotional and financial stress, Rodney persisted further but he too resigned later in 1998.

With only four bikes built the company was put into voluntary liquidation December 1998. With this news Terry and a friend Neal Videan attempted to purchase the company from the liquidator. They failed and a local Brisbane businessman purchased the company. His name was Alan Smith.

Alan took over with fresh cash and enthusiasm. He employed an ex-RTV employee to help him continue on their own path to produce the bikes. Rodney, Terry and Neal are involved producing a large range of parts both for standard Vincent and more modern and further developed RTV engines; they currently supply Alan Smith with many engine parts.

(a personal view supplied by Rodney Brown. Lets hope we see some RTVs on the road one day. Thanks Rodney)

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