The Pyrkija

(the real name is PYRKIJÄ, last character is an "A" with .. on top,
I don't know if You can see the real name with Your character set!

Technical specification:
Manufactor: Rautateollisuus Oy Pyrkija, Turku, Finland
Maker: DKW, model 802
Stroke: 39,5 mm
Bore: 40,0 mm
Original power: 4,6 hp
Power after tuning: over 7 hp
Carburator: Amal, bore 19 mm
Max r/min: over 11.000
Ingnition: coil, battery
(original engine was with magneto)

Topspeed: 135-140 km/h

Gear rations:
Primary 3,857
1. gear 3,083
2. gear 2,062
3. gear 1,450
4. gear 1,130
5. gear 0,960

Frame is made of 20 mm steel tube
Steering with little steering damper
Wheelbase: 1200 mm
High to fuel tank: 700 mm
Width of handlebar: 520 mm
Distance from footrests to seat: 400 mm
Tyre size (front&rear): 2,25-16"
Driver: Matti Salonen, Turku Finland (born 1.10.1939), Matti is a 11 times Finnish Champion in TT/RR! You can see many photos of Matti on my Internet pages, with 125, 250, 350 and 354 Yamaha, and of course with Pyrkija at Finnish GP 1999 (photo is taken in the Paddock). I'll send later info about Winha and Tunturi-Puch 125.

Best Regards
Kake Heikkinen
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