2010 – present

Racing Memoriam – Post World War Two :

2010 – present

Simon EXTON  28 March 2010 – Simon Exton, 52, from Guilford, Surrey, received fatal injuries after a start line incident during a British Motorcycle Racing Club event.

Sam MARTIN: Died May 2010 – during the Irish championship meeting held on the Kirkistown circuit near Newtownards in Co Down. Sam Martin died following a collision with another competitor during the second race. Approaching the Maguires hairpin another rider clipped Sam Martin’s Suzuki from behind causing both to crash.

Paul DOBBS: 10 June 2010 – Isle of Man TT – 39yo New Zealander Paul Dobbs crashed his Suzuki GSX-R 600 on the Ballagarey section of the Snaefell Mountain Course.

Martin LOICHT: 10 June 2010 – Isle of Man TT – Quarry Bends, near Ramsey. He crashed his Honda CBR 600RR in the Supersport race.


Stephen LARKIN 17 July 2010 – Kells Road Races, Crossakiel circuit, Ireland. Mr Larkin was on the Crossakiel circuit practising for the 401-750cc support race when the crash happened.

Peter LENZ  – died August 29 2010 – Indianapolis (tragically Peter was only 13yo). Peter James Lenz (May 30, 1997 – August 29, 2010) was a nationally ranked American amateur motorcycle racer. Lenz was born in Orlando, Florida. He was a four-time international champion, five-time national champion and in 2009 started competing in 125GP racing. He was featured in Roadracing World’s 2009 and 2010 Young Guns: North America’s Fastest Kids feature. On August 29, 2010, Lenz was killed in an accident during the warmup lap of the Red Bull Indianapolis GP.

Jamie ADAM:  1 Sep 2010 – Manx GP Junior race. Victim of a double fatality at Alpine Cottage. Jamie Adam, a serving Naval Petty Officer, on a Suzuki, was killed in the crash. Chris Bradshaw died of his injuries in hospital.

Chris BRADSHAW:  1 Sep 2010 – Manx GP Junior race – Alpine Cottage – as above. Chris was a serving police officer.



Shoya TOMIZAWA died 5 September 2010 – Moto2 World Championship, San Marino Grand Prix at  Misano. Shoya Tomizawa (December 10, 1990 – September 5, 2010) was a Japanese motorcycle racer. After a successful career in the All Japan Road Race Championship, he switched to MotoGP and competed in the 250cc class during 2009. In the 2010 season he rode in the newly created Moto2 class. Tomizawa won the first race of the new class, at Losail in Qatar, winning by nearly five seconds from Alex Debón and Jules Cluzel.

Victor GILMORE 13 Sep 10 – Skerries Co. Dublin Ireland. Veteran racer Victor Gilmore suffered a heavy crash on the opening lap of the Killalane Road Races. Taken to Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, several hours later he sadly succumbed to his injuries.

Peter KOIJ March 30th 2011, ice-racing, Västerås Sweden. Ice Speedway racer Peter Koij was killed in a racing accident on the evening of Wednesday March 30th 2011. The 48 year old Swedish rider was racing in the International  meeting in Västerås, but suffered a punctured front tyre on the second lap of his first heat and hit the fence at high speed. He waved to the crowd as he was carried from the track on a stretcher but it was annouced at the end of the meeting that Peter had sadly died from his injuries.

Maico BUNCIO Phillipines Superbike champion – died 15 May 2011 – Clark Speedway Racing Circuit. Maico Buncio (Maico Greg T. Buncio) (10 September 1988 – 15 May 2011) was a Filipino motorcycle racer and four-time national superbike champion. Buncio fell a high speed accident on 14 May 2011 during the Superbike qualifying race at the Clark International Speedway Racing Circuit. When Buncio’s Suzuki GSX-R 600 motorbike crashed he was thrown off his bike and landed on an unfinished barrier in the race track. Sadly Buncio fell onto a protruding steel rod causing massive internal injuries.

Bill CURRIE 31 May 2011 – Ballacrye Corner,  2011 Isle of Man TT  – Sidecar TT (Driver). Two sidecar competitors killed during the 2011 TT races died as a result of misadventure, a coroner has decided.

Bill Currie, 67, from Ellesmere Port, and his passenger Kevin Morgan, 59, from Shrewsbury, died during a qualifying session on 31 May. The accident happened at Ballacrye in the north of the island. Coroner John Neeedham accepted oil, which was later found on the road, could have been a contributing factor. The inquest heard how the oil came from another team, racing ahead of Mr Currie and Mr Morgan.

It had leaked after a piece of machinery described as a “cap” had come loose, although the rider was unaware of any problems until later in the session. The event had been allowed to continue as the oil had initially gone unnoticed by marshals in the immediate area of the crash. The number 15 side car, being raced by Mr Currie and Mr Morgan, lost control at a section of the TT circuit near Ballaugh Bridge. Witnesses described hearing an “explosion” and seeing, what appeared to be, “fireworks”, as the crash happened. The inquest heard the emergency air ambulance arrived minutes later but both riders were pronounced dead at the scene.Mr Currie was an experienced racer who first competed in the TT races in 1969 when he recorded a third place finish. Mr Morgan, also an experienced racer, made his TT debut in 1984. It was the first time the pair had competed together in the sidecar category.


Kevin MORGAN 31 May 2011 – Ballacrye Corner,  2011 Isle of Man TT  – Sidecar TT (Passenger). See details of incident above.


Derek BRIEN 6 June 2011 – Isle of Man TT. The former 2007 Junior Manx Grand Prix winner Derek Brien died in an accident at Gorse Lea during lap 1 of the Superport TT Race.


Henrik René OLESEN Classic Danish racer was killed instantly at Spa 01 July 2011. He fell off his Moto Guzzi during practice and was hit by another rider.

Nick VARNER: 20 July 2011 – 11yo – crashed on 17 July whilst practicing at Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino, California, during a motocross event. He was airlifted in a critical condition to a nearby hospital where he died on 20 July.

Neil KENT was killed during a Manx GP qualifying session on 24 August 2011 – Isle of Man

Adrian MCFARLAND killed at an International Road Racing Championship in Těrlicko, Czech Republic, on Saturday, 27 August 2011. Adrian McFarland, 41, from Plumbridge near Omagh, died after he crashed during a race near the town of Hradec Kralove on Saturday.  He had been a regular competitor on the Isle of Man, achieving four top 10 finishes in the Manx Grand Prix races.


Benjamin GAUTREY: 29 August 2011 – aged 18. Ben fell in the path of other riders on the first lap of the National Superstock 600 race of the British Superbike Series meeting at Caldwell Park. Ben lost control of his Kawasaki and highsided approaching the Mountain section of the circuit.

(Submitted by Dave Newsome)

Wayne HAMILTON killed at the thirteenth milestone, near the village of Kirk Michael, Isle of Man, UK. The accident occurred on third lap of the 2011 Junior Manx Grand Prix on 29 Aug 2011


Adam EASTON 71, was killed during the Classic Senior race on 31 August 2011 – Isle of Man. Seventy-one year-old Manx Grand Prix racer Adam Easton has died.

Mr Easton passed away following an incident at Lambfell on the approach to Cronk-Y-Voddy during today’s 500cc Classic Grand Prix Race on the Isle of Man, when he was running in 16th place.

Mr Easton, of Musselburgh, East Lothian, was an experienced competitor who first raced at the Manx Grand Prix in 1983, when he competed in the Classic Junior Race. He recorded a highest placed finish of 11th in last year’s Classic Senior Race. In total he competed in 34 Manx Grand Prix Races and also finished 22nd in the Historic TT in 1984, the only year he missed the Manx Grand Prix.


Simone BERTONCINI: 2 Sep 2011 – European Hillclimb Championship / Campionato Italiano Velocità Montagna – Cantoni di Oneta-Passo Zambla – 2° Memorial Fausto Duci, Bergamo. Before the official practice session, during a familiarisation run on the course, Simone was killed when he collided head-on with Rudy Ronzani, 36, from Grancona, Vicenza.



Marco SIMONCELLI 23 October 2011 – Sepang, Malaysian MotoGP. Marco Simoncelli (20 January 1987 – 23 October 2011) was an Italian professional motorcycle racer. He competed in the Road Racing World Championship for 10 years from 2002 to 2011. He started in the 125cc class before moving up to the 250cc class in 2006. He won the 250cc World Championship with Gilera in 2008. After four years in the intermediate class, he stepped up to the MotoGP class with the Honda Gresini Team. Simoncelli died after a tragic accident during the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang on 23 October 2011.

(Rest in peace Marco, we will miss you)

Hiromi SAKAI January 15th 2012, Funabashi speedway Japan. Sakai made her professional debut last July. At the time, she was the first woman to compete in the sport in 44 years. Sakai came off her motorcycle and sadly hit a fence. She died shortly afterward in a medical office at the venue. Officials said her cause of death was a fractured skull.

Hiromi Sakai, 27, only took part in her first full Auto Race in July, when she and her 19-year-old colleague Maya Sato became the first women to compete in the sport for more than 40 years.

Auto Race, or Oto Resu, is a Japanese version of speedway raced on tarmac rather than dirt, using powerful, stripped-down machines with no brakes and handlebars specially modified to make cornering easier. Gambling is allowed and top riders can make millions of dollars a year. Sakai was training with other racers on Sunday at a circuit in Funabashi, east of Tokyo, when the accident happened. She was travelling at up to 150 kilometres (93 miles) per hour, said Auto Race’s organising body JKA.   The exact cause was not clear, but Sakai flew off her bike and slammed into fencing. No other riders were involved.

Auto Race recently re-opened its doors to women for the first time since the 1960s, and Sakai quit her job at a tourist agency to join a riders’ boot camp which takes only about one in every 50 applicants.

Oscar McINTYRE 25 Feb 2012 – 2012 Superstock 600cc Championship – Phillip Island Australia. Oscar was 17 years of age..

During the opening race of the 2012 ASBK season, featuring the combined Supersport and Superstock 600 categories, a huge crash unfolded only a few laps into the race, involving Mackay Kawasaki’s Luke Burgess, fellow Queenslander Oscar McIntyre (Yamaha), and Oallen (near Goulburn, NSW), rider Michael Lockart.

From what can be ascertained the incident unfolded after Oscar McIntyre crashed a few laps in to the race. His Yamaha continued on at turn one and ran across the infield all the way down to turn three, where it careered across the circuit as other riders were navigating the fast 200km/h + turn three; causing havoc.

Unfortunately 17-year-old McIntyre succumbed to injuries sustained in the crash

Picture: Muir Keith.

Malcolm FOSTER: 11 March 2012 –  59yo Malcolm was killed when he crashed during the annual Cliffhanger Hillclimb at Gladstone, near Carterton, North Island, New Zealand.

The Cliffhanger Hillclimb is held on the Tupurupuru Te Wharau Road in Gladstone. 150kmph over the 6.1km course.

”It’s a high speed event, the biggest bikes are probably getting up to 240kmph, and the average riders like me and Malcolm… still do well in excess of 200kmph.”

He said Te Wharau Rd was closed during the event, with haybales and barriers placed on some of the more dangerous corners.

”Any event that involves high speeds and stationary objects is dangerous. I’m not playing it down, it’s a dangerous event, but we do what we can to make it safe and then hope like hell nothing like this happens.”

 Mr Thompson described Mr Foster as a ”quietly spoken gentleman”.

 ”When I went up there to the crash scene I was just thinking that (his family and friends) are going to be getting a phonecall any minute and when they do their lives are going to be turned upside down.”

The event was immediately cancelled. (pic and quote from www.stuff.co.nz)

Bruno FEUILLIEN: 25 Mar 2012 – 54yo – killed when he crashed his 1985 Suzuki GSX-R 750 at Mettet, Belgium.


Mark BREHAUT: 5 May 2012 – sadly killed in a practice session of the Victoria Motorcycle Club Winter Series, at Manfield New Zealand. Brehaut’s 2007 Suzuki GSX-R600 was struck from behind by another rider.


Mark BUCKLEY: 19 May 2012 – North West 200 Northern Ireland. Mark Buckley from Loch Lomond in Scotland came off his bike close to Millbank Avenue in Portstewart during the Superstock Race.The 35-year-old died in hospital on Saturday. No other riders were involved.

Sam MATTHEWS: July 2012 – British superbike rider Sam Matthews died from an infection contracted in hospital, three weeks after being injured in a racing accident at Magny-Cours, France during the first heat of the Coupe de France European Bikes at Nevers Magny-Cours.   

Steve HIX: 22 July 2012 – Scarborough, North Yorkshire, Cock o’the North & Classic Road Races. (Picture courtesy of Peter Farthing)

Lee VERNON: 10 Aug 2012 – Dunrod 150, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Lee,  24, was critically injured during the Superbike final race of the Dundrod 150, on Thursday, 09 August 2012 night. The accident happened on the fourth lap at the Rock Crossroads section.

Steve OSBORNE:  24 Aug 2012, aged 60 – Braddan, Isle of Man. Steve had his first race in 1967 on a BSA Bantam at Llandow. Over the years Steve rode in the Southern 100 at the Isle of Man Mountain Circuit and also Cadwell Park, Snetterton, Mallory Park and Brands Hatch. Steve came off his bike during practice for the Manx GP at Bray Hill. Seriously injured,Steve was airlifted to the Noble’s Hospital but passed away just after arrival.  Steve lived in Douglas IOM.

Trevor FERGUSON: 29 August 2012 – Manx GP – Isle of Man. Northern Irish man Trevor Ferguson, 48, was tragically killed riding a kawasaki during the Supertwin race, Trevor Ferguson crashed at the Nook, on the approach to Governor’s Bridge, Douglas. Trevor was an experienced rider on the Mountain Course.  Postscript: Road racing legend Ryan Farquhar has announced his retirement with immediate effect. The Northern Irishman, who was due to line up in today’s Classic Superbike race at the Manx Grand Prix, made the decision after his uncle Trevor Ferguson was killed in a crash in Wednesday’s Supertwin MGP, riding one of Farquhar’s machines. Farquhar had earlier that day claimed his 10th MGP victory in the Senior Classic, while another of his bikes, ridden by Nigel Moore, won the Supertwin race. Farquhar is no longer willing to take the inherent risks involved in road racing after witnessing the devastating effects of the accident on his uncle’s wife and three children. Rider John Burrows has also hung up his helmet after the death of his friend.


Marc CALLENS: 21 July 2012 – 61yo – Trophée International des Motos Classiques held at Chimay, Belgium. Lost control of his Egli – Honda 450 and hit a trackside building. Rushed to Chimay hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival.  Marc Callens was an experienced rider from Oudenaarde, Belgium. 

Chris COLLINGWOOD: 25 August 2012 – Grève de Lecq hill climb on Jersey. Chris  lost control of his motorbike while taking part in the Festival of Speed sprint competition and crashed near the start of the 1,100 yard course on Saturday evening and sadly later died in hospital.  

(pic: www.thisisjersey.com)

Antoine COLLINGNON: 2 Sep 2012 – crashed at the Circuit du Val de Vienne, in Le Vigeant, Poitou-Charentes , Western France during a round of the Weekend Race Cup.


Doên ADEMA 30 Sep 2012 – 57yo – crashed during the Kreidler Cup, a demo races series organized by RMM (Rijdend Motorsport Museum), riding his 50cc Kreidler Cupper.

Luis Filipe de Sousa CARREIRA: 15 Nov 2012 – Macau Grand Prix – crashed his Suzuki during qualifying and sadly did not recover from his injuries..


Darrin WINKLER: 8 Dec 2012 – BUNDABERG’S speedway community is “shattered” after the tragic death of veteran bike rider Darrin Winkler who was killed in a crash during competition at Maryborough on Saturday night.  Darrin, known affectionately by mates as Winks, was competing at the Maryborough Speedway when he fell off and was struck by another bike and later died in hospital.

(Source – www.news-mail.com.au)

Lance LOWE: 17 Feb 2013 – Auckland rider critically injured during a practice run at Paeroa’s Battle of The Streets race meeting on February 17 died in Auckland Hospital.

(Photo: Craig Dawson – rateofplay.wordpress.com)

Kenny ANDERSON: 11 March 2013 – 12 year old road racer Kenny Anderson was pronounced brain dead after sustaining injuries from a crash during the opening round of the 2013 AFM Road Racing Series at Buttonwillow Raceway.

Kenny began his racing livelihood aboard pocket bikes at a young age, winning championships with SCMiniGP, SMRRC, and AMMA. Soon after, he moved onto a NSR50 and 65, also scoring championships aboard the two machines. Eventually Kenny would find himself in the saddle of 150cc-powered race bikes in RS125 chassis competing in the AFM and WERA road racing series. In 2012 the young racer won two championships with WERA West in the HWT Superbike and Formula 2 Novice classes. Last month Kenny scored his first expert win in the Formula 2 class at a WERA West race in Las Vegas, Nevada, a dream come true for the boy. Anderson’s final accomplishments came during the weekend of his accident at Buttonwillow Raceway when he scored yet another win in AFM’s 250cc Production Expert class on top of setting a new 250cc track record.

(Source – http://www.motorcycle-usa.com) (Pic – http://kennytheiceman.com/)

Tyrone GILKS: 21 Mar 2013 – Freestyle motocross rider Tyrone Gilks died after a training run to break a world record ended in horrifying circumstances. The 19-year-old from Lake Macquarie was taken to John Hunter Hospital on Thursday morning with critical chest injuries after failing to make a 90-metre jump at Maitland Showground. He passed away during surgery on Thursday night. Gilks had previously smashed records riding on 65cc, 85cc and 125cc motorcycles and was looking to take on Robbie Maddison’s benchmark of 94.61metres on a 250cc.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/motocross-rider-dies-after-crashing-during-world-record-practice-20130321-2gh9z.html

Charlotte TAGG: 2 May 13 – Mother of three, Charlotte Tagg, 38, from Beck Row, was riding in the sidecar of a Honda when the motorbike crashed during the Brighton Speed Trials on Saturday. Witnesses said the bike failed to stop at the end of the track and smashed straight into a safety barrier.Emergency services attended but Ms Tagg was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Yoshinari MATSUSHITA: 29 May 13 – Japanese competitor Yoshinari Matsushita, 43, died after crashing at Ballacrye, one mile beyond Ballaugh village, in Monday evening’s second practice session for the TT.

David JUKES: 8 July 2013 – Southern 100 – Castletown, Isle of Man, United Kingdom – lost his life in practice after crashing on the Billown circuit at Ballakeighan.

Mark MADSEN-MYGDAL: 11 July 2013 – Southern 100 – Castletown, Isle of Man, United Kingdom – crashed at Stadium Corner on the Billown circuit.


Paul THOMAS : 11 July 2013 – Southern 100 – Castletown, Isle of Man, United Kingdom – sidecar passenger sadly killed in a crash at Osborne’s on the Billown circuit.

Andrea ANTONELLI: 21 July 2013 – tragically killed in appallingly wet conditions in World Superbike race in Moscow (image source – www.foxsports.com.au)

Sandor POHL: 4 August 2013 – passenger in sidecar World Championship race at Assen. Tragically killed in a low speed accident when struck by following sidecar.


Doriano ROMBONI: 30 Nov 2013 – tragically lost after being struck by another rider’s bike at a Supermoto event held in memory of Marco Simoncelli at the Latina circuit near Rome.

Simon ANDREWS: 19 May 2014 – English rider Simon Andrews sadly died in hospital after a serious crash on his BMW at Saturday’s North West 200 Superstock road race.

Bob PRICE:  Aged 65 – died 2 June 2014 – crashed in IOM Supersport race at Ballaugh Bridge

(pic by Simon Patterson)

Karl HARRIS: 3 June 2014 – Karl, aged 34, from Sheffield was sadly killed during the Superstock Race at the Isle of Man TT races following an incident at Joey’s on the 2nd lap of the race.

Enrico BECKER: 12 July 2014 – during the qualifying session for the German GP at the Sachsenring circuit, the sidecar team of Kurt Hock and Enrico Becker suffered a serious accident. Sadly passenger Enrico Becker succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

Julien PAQUET: 26 July 2014 – died in an incident at the Belgian circuit of Chimay in qualifying for the Belgian Supersport Championship.

Thilo HAFELE: 27 July 2014 – died of injuries sustained in an International Road Racing Championship incident at the Belgian Open de Chimay Trophy.

Vick De COOREMETER: 27 July 2014 – died of injuries sustained in an International Road Racing Championship incident at the Belgian Open de Chimay Trophy.

Erick Yahir Sanchez MACIAS: 27 July 2014 – Circuito autódromo Moisés Solana en Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico – lost after suffering brake failure at high speed. Aged 18.

Josef STRASSNAYR: 27 July 2014 – killed during Speed Days at the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

Jake HINGLEY: 16 August 2014 – Jake sadly died of injuries sustained  when he fell from his Yamaha R6 on the 7th lap of the No Limits Cup 600cc race at the approach to the Hairpin section of Cadwell Park circuit and then collided with another rider.

Stephen McILVENNA: 19 August 2914 – sadly lost in practice for the Manx GP, crashed on the Mountain Mile section of the TT course on the IOM.

Tim MOORHEAD:  23 August 2014 – Tim from Whitstable in Kent was unfortunately killed during Friday night’s Manx GP qualifying session in an incident near the Black Hut on the IOM.

Gary FIRTH: 29 August 2014 – Gary Firth from Barnsley in Yorkshire was killed during today’s Senior Manx Grand Prix on the Isle of Man. The incident occurred at the 11th Milestone on the Mountain Course, at approximately 1.45pm.

Firth, 50, a newcomer to racing on the Mountain Course, finished 34th in the Newcomers A Race earlier in the week and had recorded his fastest lap of 102.282mph earlier in today’s race.

Kara RANN: 24 September 2014 – Sadly Died from injuries after a crash at Pembury.

Steve ANDERSON: 28 September 2014 – Sadly killed after a collision at the Lakeside Raceway in Queensland at the 2014 Australian National Historic Racing Championships.

Franck PETRICOLA: 3 June 2015 – French rider Franck Petricola has died following an accident during a qualifying session on Wednesday at the Isle of Man TT Races. The 32-year-old was set to make his debut at the event in 2014 but withdrew after a crash at the North West 200. Petricola was killed following an accident at Sulby Crossroads, becoming the 141st fatality at the race since it began in 1907.

He was a regular competitor in the International Road racing Championship and had his best season in 2013 with 11th overall in the Superbike category. Petricola suffered multiple fractures and a head injury after crashing in practice at the North West 200 last year and was in a coma for several days. He was flown home after the meeting but made a full recovery and raced at the event just last month.

Lisa WEST: d. 14 June 2015 – Lisa was a passenger in a sidecar that crashed during a race at the Nepean Raceway at Agnes Banks New South Wales on Sunday. The crash occurred during a Sunday dirt track racing series conducted at the raceway by the St George Motorcycle Club. Lisa, was the mother of a four-year-old daughter.


David MARX: 5 July 2015 -David (20 years old), from Cologne, was killed in a tragic accident at the famous ”Schleizer Dreieck” in Germany in the  ”Classic Superbike” Class. The ”Schleizer Dreieck” is a temporary motorsport race in Thuringia near the town of Schleiz . The course is the oldest natural circuit in Germany.


Joel ROGIERS: 16 July 2015 – killed in an incident at the Zolder Circuit in Belgium during the Van Son Sprintrace series.


19 July 2015 – a chain-reaction, multi-bike incident on the first lap of the MotoAmerica Superbike/Superstock 1000 race at Mazda Raceway, Laguna Seca. has resulted in the deaths of two competitors.

Bernat MARTINEZ: 19 July 2015 – Bernat of Alberic, Valencia, Spain, was transported from the raceway by ambulance to hospital in Monterey, where he succumbed to his injuries. He was 35.

Daniel Rivas FERNANDEZ: 19 July 2015 –  Fernandez, of Moana Galicia, Spain, was transported by air to a medical center in Salinas, where he succumbed to his injuries. He was 27.


Bernat – left : Daniel – right


Pim van den BERG: 26 July 2015 – died from injuries received in a crash at the Zolder Circuit in Belgium on 16 July 2015.


Andy LAWSON: 8 August 2015 – Ulster Grand Prix, died of injuries received during a Supersport race at Dundrod.



Berto CAMLEK: 9 August 2015 – In the Superbike race, Alpe Adria Cup, at the Hungaroring, Slovenian champion Berto Camlek fell and was struck by following riders. The 45-year-old Camlek sadly succumbed to his his injuries.

camlek camlek2

Dennis HOFFER: 26 August 2015 – killed during qualifying for the Manx GP IOM.


Billy REDMAYNE : April 19, 2016 – crashed at Oliver’s Mount. The 25-year-old from Laxey. Isle of man, is understood to have been struck from behind on the fastest section of the 2.43-mile Scarborough circuit.


Daniel CHADBUND: 1 May 2016 – 28 years old, crashed during Western Australian Motorcycle State Championships at Wanneroo Raceway.


Malachi MITCHELL-THOMAS: 14 May 2016 – as a result of a crash on the third lap of the Supertwins race at the Vauxhall International North West 200. The 20 year old from Chorley in Lancashire crashed his Burrows Engineering Kawasaki on the approach to Black Hill. 


Dean MARTIN: 27 May 2016 – killed in Southern 100 practice crash, Billown Circuit, IOM


Luis SALOM: 3 June 2016 – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya,  Luis Salom passed, succumbing to injuries from a crash during the Moto2 Free Practice 2. He was 24 years old.

Dwight BEARE: 4 June 2016 – died following a crash in a race on the Isle of Man  – one of three deaths in a horror week for racing. Dwight Beare, who was originally from Melbourne but lived in Onchan, on the Isle of Man. His passenger, Benjamin Binns, was airlifted to the island’s Noble’s Hospital, with a fractured ankle.

CkIYZRBXAAA6ZWK   1465083536727

Paul Shoesmith: 4 June 2016 – Shoesmith 50, from Poynton, Lancashire, was killed during solo TT practice after crashing on Sulby Straight

13310638_739768512832150_78417408768053217_n 13339596_10153734100632099_5930881321631431634_n

Ian BELL: 10 June 2016 – Ian, 58, of Bedlington, Northumberland, died in a crash during a TT sidecar race. Father-of-two Mr Bell, who made his TT Races debut in 1995, was killed in a crash at Ballaspur, IOM. He claimed TT victory alongside passenger Neil Carpenter in 2003, but retired from the sport after a high speed crash the following year. He returned in 2007 with son Carl in the chair.

_89942211_89942210 _89945849_iom

Andrew SOAR: 10 June 2016 – Andrew, 32, of Loughborough, Leicestershire, was killed during the senior TT race. Died following an accident at Keppel Gate. He made his mountain course debut at the Manx Grand Prix in 2012, finishing runner up in both the Newcomers A race and Senior MGP in his first year. Mr Soar won the Senior MGP in 2014 and made his first appearance at the TT in 2015.


Chris ADLEY: aged 21, sadly killed in an incident at Barbagello Raceway, Western Australia, when he fell from his machine and was struck by another motorcycle, on 4 November 2016


Anthony DELHALLE: 9 March 2017 – Multiple World Endurance Champion Anthony Delhalle died after a crash Nogaro, testing with the Suzuki Endurance Racing

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