1990 – 99

Racing Memoriam – Post World War Two :

1990 – 99

Eros MANFREDINI 250cc European GP, Rijeka Grobnik 1990, lost after a terrible pile-up and fire in first corner.

(Photo by Foto Oliver)

(Forum post: http://www.daidegasforum.com/forum/amarcord/262934-chi-si-ricorda-eros-manfredini.html)

Gerold FISCHER 1990 St Wendel

Petr HLAVATKA: 29 May 1991 – Isle of Man – Formula One Race. Peter lost control of his machine at “The Nook” shortly before Governors Bridge. He was taken to hospital but died of his injuries later the same evening. He was a 43 years old from Zeravice, Czechoslavakia. One of his children, Tomáš Hlavatka, was killed on 01 August 1997 at Most, Czech Republic.

Frank DUFFY: Frank crashed his 125 Honda at Kerrowmoar during practice on 30 May 1991, suffering fatal injuries. He was 28 years old.

Wilmer MARSIGLI  Monza July 21, 1991 (tragically died 12 days after being enveloped in flames from spilled fuel when his bike crashed)

Iain GIBSON  died 1991 – Carrowdore 100 Northern Ireland – (no pic of Iain available)

Wilmer MARSIGLI  Monza July 21, 1991 (tragically died 12 days after being enveloped in flames from spilled fuel when his bike crashed)

Manfred STENGL1992 – Isle of Man (pic courtesy Helmut Ohner)

Noboyuki WAKAI Spanish GP 1993, Jerez

Pic by Kaori Hashimoto

Bill WHITWORTH: A Yorkshire man who learnt his craft grass tracking in England, Bill was unbeatable in historic races in Western Australia. Bill ran a Morgo Triumph, a very fast CB350 Honda and finally a very highly modified CB450 twin in the historic class. Bill fell in the middle of a corner of heart failure whilst racing at Point Cook Geraldton Round the Houses Historic Racing Meeting in 1994. (Sadly missed by all who knew him).


Ian KING Irish champion, killed during the Temple 100 in Saintfield, Down, Northern Ireland 1994. Brian Reid was badly injured in the same accident, which put an end to his racing career.

Jim COLLIGAN April 1994, Sidecar, Australian Tourist Trophy, Bathurst


Ian THORNTON April 1994, Sidecar, Australian Tourist Trophy, Bathurst


Rob MITCHELL: 7 June 1994 – IOM TT –  ROB Mitchell become the 163rd rider to die in the annual Isle of Man TT races. The 33-year-old Aberdeen rider crashed last Thursday during practice for the races, suffering serious head injuries. Rob hit a wall at the Gooseneck during Supersport 600 practice on 02 June 1994. He died of his injuries on 07 June 1994. Mitchell, a holiday park proprietor, was married with one son, and was competing in the event for only the second year.


Mark FARMER Isle of Man TT practice riding a Britten – 1994


Simon PRIOR: German GP sidecars (passenger) 1994, Hockenheim

Geoff CALVIN: 18 June 1994 – Geoff was competing in the 1994 Dundrod 150 Road Races. The races took place on Saturday 18 June and Geoff was competing in the 250 race when he crashed.

He was in 10th place when he came off his machine on the fast right hander before the Flowbog Crossroads on the third lap.The race was stopped on the following lap and the win was awarded to Joey Dunlop.

Geoff sustained serious head injuries and was rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. Geoff’s parents kept a bedside vigil over the weekend,but sadly he succumbed to his injuries and died two days later on Monday 20 June.

Geoff, an unmarried electrician had lived with his parents at their home in Armagh City about 40 miles outside Belfast.

He had been racing for seven years and had competed in the North West 200, Isle of Man TT and the Ulster Grand Prix. His father said “Geoff loved racing and just lived for it.He knew all the hazards and dangers but that is what he wanted to do.It is the way he would have wanted to go”

(submitted by John Millar)

(Photo kindlysuplied by geoff’s friend Gordon Adair)

Yasutomo NAGAI Assen SBK 1995

Steve WARD: killed 9 May 1996 at Anderstorp Sweden. Steven Ward achieved a third place in the 1995 Senior Tourist Trophy.

The ex-Steve Ward, Isle of Man TT

1989 Honda VFR750R Type RC30 –

Owned and raced by one of Britain’s foremost road-circuit specialists, the late Steve Ward, this RC30 was supplied by Honda for Steve in 1989 and was only ever raced by him. Although Steve Ward enjoyed a measure of support from Honda, it was not till 1995 that he was awarded a full works ride, on the new RC45. Honda were in the process of developing the new RC45 and could see Steve beating them at the TT that year on his ageing, though fully sorted, RC30. Seeking to avoid that embarrassment, Honda gave Steve an RC45, on which he finished 3rd in the Senior Race.

Steve raced this RC30 all over the world with great success. Most notably the bike was raced every year at the TT, being a consistent top-six finisher. In 1993 Steve claimed 3rd place in both the Senior and Formula 1 races, beating the likes of Joey Dunlop, Jason Griffiths and Jim Moodie. In 1992, Steve rode the RC30 to 2nd place in the Ulster Grand Prix 1st Senior Race and there were many other successes over the years. Sadly, Steve lost his life in the late 1990s while racing abroad.

Lee PULLAN: 14 July 1996 – 25-year-old was killed in Belgium in July 1996 when his Kawasaki, travelling at 156mph, hit an official who stepped on to the track during the Spa Francorchamps 24-hour motorcycling race near Liege. The Belgian official, Charles Albert, was also killed attempting to retrieve an object from the circuit.1801122325841

Mick LOFTHOUSE: 31 May 1996 – Lofthouse, 28, from Accrington, the 125 British champion in 1993 and third in the 125 TT a year before, crashed his 250 Yamaha on the 140 mph approach to Ramsey at Milntown.


Robert HOLDEN (NZ) – IOM  31 May 1996 – tragically killed at Glen Helen on his Ducati 916 in practice for the 1996 TT. Robert Holden (1958–1996) was a motorcycle road racer from New Zealand. He was the most successful of all Ducati Supermono racers. In 1994 Holden placed second in the Isle of Man TT, then returned to the 1995 Isle of Man TT to win the singles title. Holden also won in Ireland’s North West 200 Supermono class in 1995. Holden died the following year in practice at the Isle of Man TT while riding a Ducati 916.

Holden would ride up to 4 different machines stepping off his Superbike onto a 250 Production machine then straight onto a 600 sports production bike followed by 15 laps and his Rotax 250 GP bike, it seemed at the time that Holden’s only rest was during the sidecar race. He was helped early on in his career by Steve Dundon from Wellington Motorcycle Centre the combination of Dundon’s experience and technical skills and Holden’s hard riding led to many NZ titles.One of Holden’s more famous exploits was known as “The Holden Sign” incident. This happened at the Manfeild Autocourse in Feilding. While leading the Open Production Race on his 1135 GSX Suzuki, he crashed at 200 km/h, the bike slid and cartwheeled through a large sign advertising “Holden” cars. The whole incident was televised and was shown on the 6 o’clock news. Holden was unhurt and walked back to the pits to the applause of the crowd.

Later on in his career, Holden teamed up with retired Ducati racer turned team manager Dallas Rankine. The BMS team supplied Holden with eight-valve Ducati 916 motorcycles and a Ducati Supermono. Some of New Zealand’s best racing was seen during the early nineties between Holden on the Ducati and Andrew Stroud on the famous Britten V1000. Holden’s death at the Isle of Man in 1996 was a devastating loss for New Zealand racing. Dallas Rankine withdrew from all professional involvement in racing after losing his rider and close friend. The Robert Holden Memorial feature race at the famous Cemetery Circuit meeting in Wanganui, New Zealand is named in his honor.

Ulster Grand Prix in 1992 – pic by John Millar

Ulster Grand Prix in 1993 – pic by John Millar

  Ulster Grand Prix in 1993 – pic by John Millar

Colin GABLE: 26 May 1997 – Sadly, the first fatality of the 1997 TT occurs in Monday night’s practice. Colin Gable, of Ravenstone in Leicestershire, crashed at the Ballagarey section of the course and died instantly. Gable had finished third in the 1995 Junior race, his best TT finish.

(Photo by Neil – https://www.flickr.com/people/birdwatch53/)

Russell WARING: 18 June 1997 – crashed at Union Mills in practice for the TT on 26th May 1997 and died three weeks later on the 18th June in Nobles. He came third in the ’95 Manx GP lightweight newcomers and eighth in the race proper, then got a bronze replica for 22nd in the ’96 TT Lightweight, on a TZ 250.

Tomáš HLAVATKA: 1 Aug 1997 – Most, Czech Republic –Tomas started the race in first position but fell,  he managed tore-enter the race but crashed a second time and was struck by another rider. Hlavatka was taken unconscious to the Most hospital where he passed away from his injuries. Tomáš Hlavatka’s father, Petr Hlavatka, was killed practicing for the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy in 1991.

Graeme RITCHIE : 8 August 1997 – killed during the World Superbike Championship held at Brands Hatch (photo by Graham Etheridge)

Danny SHIMMIN  16 Aug 1997 Greeba Castle 1997 Manx Grand Prix Practice Aermacchi – sadly killed in practice for the 1997 Classic Manx Grand Prix

(submitted by Martin Crooks) – click on link for race history – See more here

Pamela CANNELL:  18 Aug 1997  – crashed at Bungalow Bridge 1997 Manx Grand Prix Practice on a Yamaha

Roger BOWLER: 18 August 1997 – Quarry Bends 1997 Manx Grand Prix Practice 500cc Matchless. Roger David Bowler, was born in March 1944, in London. His serious racing career started in 1966 on a 1960 500cc Velocette.  He achieved success in International Endurance Races.

1976 World Endurance Championship

Emmet NOLAN: 29 August 1997 – Lambfell Cottage 1997 Manx Grand Prix Senior 750cc Yamaha

Michael PAQUAY  Monza Supersport 9 May 1998

Mike CASEY: 8 June 1998 – Ballagarey Corner 1998 Isle of Man TT Practice Honda RS 250cc –  the death of Mike Casey marred qualifying for the Isle of Man Junior TT. 34-year-old Mike Casey was killed in a crash while riding his 250cc Honda during practice at Ballagarey. Casey, a marine engineer from Patrick on the island, was an experienced competitor on the 37.73-mile Mountain Course, having won the 1995 Senior Manx Grand Prix.

Charles Ian HARDISTY: 12 June 1998 – Kerrowmoar 1998 Isle of Man TT Production TT Kawasaki ZXR7RR



John HENDERSON: 12 June 1998 – Rhencullen 1998 Isle of Man TT Senior TT Honda 750cc

Adam WOODHALL: 27 August 1998 – Ballaspur 1998 Manx Grand Prix Practice 996cc Suzuki

Rob WINGRAVE: 27 August 1998  – sadly killed at Union Mills 1998 Manx Grand Prix Senior Classic 500cc Norton

(Pic by  Cynthia Wingrave)

Chris EAST: 31 August 1998  – Kirk Michael 1998 Manx Grand Prix Senior Classic Matchless

(Johnathan Parkes Collection)

Donny ROBINSON  Irish champion, killed North West 200 – May 1999

Brett MACLEOD Kyalami Supersport 1999

Bernadette BOSMAN: 31 May 1999 – Kirk Michael 1999 Isle of Man TT Practice Sidecar TT (Passenger) 600cc Ireson Yamaha

Simon BECK: 1 June 1999 – Killed practice IOM TT 1999

Terry FENTON:  7 June 1999 – Hillberry Corner – 1999 Isle of Man TT Sidecar TT (Passenger) Honda CBR 600cc

Stuart MURDOCH (NZ): 9 June 1999 – Gorse Lea 1999 Isle of Man TT Junior TT Honda 600cc

Gavin LEE: 13 July 1999 – Williams Corner 1999 Southern 100  250cc Yamaha

[pic: copyright Robert Fishbeck]

Marc McDONALD: 13 July 1999  – Williams Corner 1999 Southern 100  600cc Kawasaki

Owen McNALLY 27 August 1999 – Irish champion, killed Ulster Grand Prix   Dawsons 250cc Race 250cc Aprilia

Martin J. SMITH: 3 September 1999 – 13th Milestone 1999 Manx Grand Prix Senior 600cc Honda

Tony CAREY: Crashed in practice for the Carrowdore 100 – September 1999. Died in hospital from serious head injuries.

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