Glen's Pit Bay

Some fabulous Kiwi built racebikes

Glen Morgan's tribute to classic racing. Glen lives in New Zealand. Photos by Glen Morgan.

Steve Roberts framed Suzuki from 1983. Steve Roberts also built some frames for the Suzuki factory to use on their TR500 racebikes in the early 70s.

Steve Roberts framed Coleman Suzuki once ridden by the late Robert Holden.

The 1980 Heron Suzuki 1000cc XR69 ridden by Graham Crosby to win the Formula One World Championship in the same year.

The fabulous McIntosh Suzuki

Ridden to success on a number of occasions on the challenging Bathurst Mt Panorama road circuit in New South Wales Australia the McIntosh Suzuki first proved to an awesome weapon in the hands of Dr Roger Freeth in 1982. Combining GSX Suzuki power with an excellent handling and braking package in a frame built in New Zealand by Ken McIntosh the McIntosh is a reat looking machine which is little known outside of Australasia.

The  McIntosh Suzuki. Sadly Dr Freeth was killed in a rally car accident outside Perth Western Australia a few years ago.