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Cyclopaedia of Western Australia

Cyclopaedia of Western Australia - Volumes 1 and 2
Cyclopaedia of Western Australia - Volumes 1 and 2
The Cyclopaedia of Western Australia was produced in two huge illustrated volumes. The Cyclopedia of Western Australia, edited by James Battye, was the pre-eminent written summary of Western Australia's development and context prior to World war one. Volume 1 - Aborigines, Agriculture, Biographies, Commerce and Industry, Fauna and Flora, Geology, Government, History of Western Australia, Immigration, Tourism, Lands department, Medical, Fremantle, Perth, Police, The Press, Public services, Railways, Trans-Australian Railway, Shipping, Suburban Municipalities, Telegraph and Telephone, Trade and Customs, Woods and Forests. Volume 2 - Agriculture, Churches and Ecclesiastical, Caves of WA, Mining, Hospitals, Schools and Education, Country Districts, Cities and suburbs, Dairying, Farming, Institutions, Explorers and exploration, Political parties, Pearling, Biographical index, Sporting and recreation. 1200 pages of photographs of towns and localities in Western Australia plus biographies of prominent local people, politicians, miners, businessmen and agriculturists. Fantastic and fascinating history of western Australia printed in 1912-13. Purchase and download PDf ebook of both volumes here, 700mb.

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