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The King’s Empire – Volume 2 (1906)

The King's Empire Volume 2 - 1906
The King's Empire Volume 2 - 1906
Massive Publication - large full size plates and coloured illustrations. Full descriptions of all photos. Volume 2 - 361pp - 177mb download. Contents - The Education of the King's Empire, The Trade of the Empire, The Homes of the King's Subjects, Famous Places of Worship in the King's Empire, Places of Interest in the King's Empire, How the King's Writ runs and how the King's peace is kept, The Capitals and the Chief Cities of the King's Empire, The Markets of the King's Empire, His Majesty's Mails and telegaraphs and Customs and Ceremonies of the King's Empire. Wonderful collection of historical photos from around the world.
Price: $9.99

Sample pictures below – not full size

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