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Mussolini’s Roman Empire

Mussolini's Roman Empire
Mussolini's Roman Empire
Mussolini's Roman Empire by GT Garratt. An indictment of England and her responsibility in the conquest of Abyssinia (of which she knew in advance and to which she actually gave assent) and of the French progress in the Spanish Civil War (which she has aided by taking the position of non-intervention, and ignoring the active part taken by Germany and Italy and making impossible support of the existing government). Step by step, her involvement is traced, as the story of Mussolini's ambitions and achievements is unrolled. The author, who was the Manchester Guardian correspondent during the Abyssinian war and spent most of last year in Spain, thinks Mussolini more dangerous than most Englishmen believe. “In every country bordering on the Mediterranean,” he says, “people are asking: why don’t the English take Mussolini’s ambitions more seriously?” Click below to order and download the pdf ebook (27mb).
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