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Adventures in the Near East (Dunsterforce) – by LtCol Rawlinson

Adventures in the Near East (Dunsterforce) - by LtCol Rawlinson
Adventures in the Near East (Dunsterforce) - by LtCol Rawlinson
An extraordinary tale of adventure in the sideshow of the Midlle East (Mesopotamia, Trans-Caucasia, Persia, Armenia, Turkey etc. ADVENTURES IN THE NEAR EAST 1918-1922 by A. RAWLINSON - in three parts - with Introductions by MAJOR-GENERAL L. C, DUNSTERVILLE - FIELD-MARSHAL SIR G. MILNE- GENERAL SIR CHARLES HARINGTON, . - General Introduction by ADMIRAL SIR PERCY SCOTT, BART - His book tells the story of his adventures in the Near East in a singularly attractive form; his account of capturing a Bol- shevik ship and piloting her out of Baku Harbour under very difficult circumstances will astonish many sailors. Four men against ninety-six enemy, with the only alternative of blowing up himself, his four men, the ninety-six enemy, and the ship, with dynamite, is a position that not many would enjoy; but it appeared to suit Rawlinson's constitution, for he remarks that after thirty- six hours of it he enjoyed a very good dinner. There is, however, a very sad side to his story, which, I am afraid, will very much distress many men and women of this country. Colonel Rawlinson put his uniform on in 1914, and did not take if off until March, 1923. He was cast into a Turkish prison for twenty months, and all but starved to death, as a consequence of which his health is impaired for life. He was also stripped of all he possessed by the Turks, including his two machine-guns which cost him over £500 in 1914, and which had done such valuable service all through the war. 287 pages with 2 maps the book covers the creation of the "Hush-Hush Army:, adventures in Trancaucasia and in Kemalist Turkey. To order the ebook and download (103MB) click on the Add to Cart button.
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