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Australian Scenes – 1914

Australian Scenes - 1914
Australian Scenes - 1914
Provides a fascinating insight into pre World War One Australia in the early 1900s - 80 pages and 72 pictures. Originally printed in Melbourne by Department of External Affairs, 1912. Oblong 8vo. With 72 photographic views of the six States of Australia. Very rare propaganda work on Australia. The book contains 72 photographic views that show the beauty and prosperity of this country, such as pastoral scenes, mining, and views of its most Capital cities as amongst others Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart and Adelaide. The photographs are ordered according to the different States, and before each chapter of views there is statistical information on each State, mentioning the size of the area, the size of the area under wheat, the population, the total income by trade, and the amount of money on saving deposits. On p.2 there are facts about the whole of Australia, which makes it clear that "Australia is the best of the New Countries, the least developed, the richest in resources, and offers unrivalled opportunities to the man both with and without capital". Good quality illustrations. One copy known of in the National Library of Australia. One copy only known of being for sale on the internet, a 1912 edition for US$1593. So unless you are Bill Gates enjoying this wonderful publication is best done in eBook form. Download now (21MB)
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