The Bridgestone 175cc twin, the GTR350's little brother.

The Bridgestone 90cc line-up.

Bridgestone was an innovative Japanese factory which built fantastic disc-valve two strokes. The GT350 was a fabulous machine for the day, powerful and torquey. The big factories threatened to stop buying Bridgestone tyres if the company kept making motorcycles so without any warning the Bridgestone machines died. The occasional re-born Bridgestone engined light-weight motorcycle appeared under obscure Taiwanese brand-names for a while in the 70s (eg. Rockford, Tora, Chibi and Taka)  but after a while the brand name became a dim distant memory cherished only by those who had ever ridden one. I know I'll never forget the day I first rode a Bridgestone GTR350. Until then I had never ridden a Superbike!

The GTR 350 twin

The Bridgestone 50cc twin watercooled racer from the late 60s


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Murray Barnard, Perth, Western Australia

1996 mbarnard