Württembergische Motorfahrzeugfabrik Rottenburg


The motor works Württembergische Rottenburg (WMR) was founded in 1929 by William Rottenburg Jeckel.

In the years 1929 to 1931 motorcycles were produced in different models. The machines were equipped with engines produced by 9 HP to 28 HP and were the top brands of the time.

The promise of 28 hp of the 500 model with 120 miles per hour top speed, with four liters of fuel per 100 kilometers and 500 kilometers on one liter of oil.

The engine of the top model was a K-motor , the other machines had a Blackburne engine made in England.

After the untimely accidental death of the founder in late 1929 WMRs were produced in Rottenburg until its bankruptcy in 1931.



Thanks to Ulrich Zipperlen for the pictures and information