Information from Milton Gilfillin

I have to tell you that in your listing of Motorcycles under R, you have a listing for Reading Standard 1903-1922, but Reading were made from 1903 through until 1924 in Reading PA. USA.  I have information that states they were made up until 1924. In Oct 3rd 1923, Reading announced a new model that was to be the 1924 Reading Standard 'Greyhound', that had some 15 major improvements to the 1923 model. These improvements were such things as a Bosch Mag/Gen,  new tank shape that is  attached with bolts under the tank, not with brackets over the tank, strengthing bracket on the gearbox,  rounded mudguards, additional fins cast on cylinder over the exhaust outlet, 'hotter' cams, Parsons King Saddle that attached to the frame  and not through the down tube of the frame, frame strengthened on the front down tube with a slightly longer casting, Grey paint with a dark blue pinstrip, Sterling ampmeter and a few other improvements. I understand that the Reading Company ceased production of the bike after costing the machine at around $US345.00, whilst at the same time the T Model Ford was selling for around $US145.00. At least 2 of the machines were made with one still in exsistance. The Cleveland Motorcycle Co decided to concentrate on an inline 4 and a small 2 stroke machine. It was featured in an Australian Motorcycling magazine around 1988 or 99. There is also a web site based in Japan that has some info on it as well.    


Thanks Milton, the inconsistency arises from Cleveland Motorcycle Co. purchasing Reading Standard in 1922. Most references give the life of Reading-Standard as 1902-22, so I shall follow convention, just this once.  Thanks for the information

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