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Olympic Motorcycles

Frank Parkyn, cyclemaker, started building motorcycles  in the early 1900's.  His motorcycles were powered by M.M.C. engines, but very few were made and production soon ended. Production started again in 1919, after the first world war. The first machine was powered by a Verus 268c.c., 2 stroke engine. It had a two speed gearbox, was fitted with a belt drive, and sold for 80. The 1920 Olympic was powered by a 2.86h.p., 261.5c.c.,  2 stroke engine, and included an A.M.A.C. carburettor, Gosport spring forks and was finished in black enamel with gold lining. The single speed version sold for 65 and the two speed version was priced at 77. A two speed machine with kick start was available for 84 and a three speed version with kick start cost 90.

The 1922 Olympic, was offered with a wide range of engines and cheaper machines were also made under the resurrected 'New Courier' name. Sales were initially quite good, but soon suffered because of the general depression. Production ended in 1923.

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Pic courtesy Marc Boniface, Norway

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