Hildebrand (also known as Dalifol and Brighton Steamer)

Steam engined motorcycle

In 1889, Heinrich and Wilhelm Hildebrand of Munich built a prototype motorcycle with a steam engine. In the early 1890's they abandoned the steam design. The prototype motorcycle next appeared in 1896 in the first London to Brighton Emancipation Run when it was entered by M. Lormont who had worked for the Hildebrand brothers. The machine was described as the "Dalifol" and thought to be French in origin. The Hidebrand  failed to make it all the way to Brighton in 1896 and spent 44 years at the Newhaven depot of the Southern Railway, waiting for M. Lormont to claim it. It was given to the Science Museum of London in 1940 and was exhibited there as "the Brighton Steamer" until 1956 when Heinrich L. Hildebrand (son of Heinrich Hildebrand) identified it as the prototype built in 1889 by his father and uncle.

The French however do claim the Dalifol for themselves and as the following picture shows an alternative model was made, seemingly with shaft drive, from 1895-1900.


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