Feilbach - Limited
USA 1904-15

Arthur Feilbach made his first motorcycle in 1904. It was a small 350cc single cylinder belt drive model. In 1907 he produced the new Feilbach. All of the bikes he made (3) were all sold before they were finished. In 1908 he made five more machines. In 1909 seven machines were produced. 1910 brought nine machines and new improvements. the bore was increased to 3 5/16, and mechanicaly actuated inlet valves were added. In 1911 a spring fork was added, the tanks were made larger, and a magneto was added. In late 1911 the Feilbach Motor Co. moved to a 7100sq ft plant and they ended up producing 75 machines in 1912. In 1913 the twin model was introduced and 158 machines were on the road. 108 were twins. It is not known how many machines were made in 1914, but it is somewhere near 900 to 1000. In 1914 the Feilbach Limited (twin) was only produced. Feilbach ceased production in late 1914. At that time The first Feilbach machine was still owned by Arthur Feilbach, and it was said to have 63,000 miles or so on it with no problems. Many Feilbach motorcycles were used by the Milwaukee Police Dept.

Feilbach built 565cc singles and 1300cc V-twins in Milwaukee. From 1914 the Limited name was also used.

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